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Hello! I have an account elsewhere on the fediverse but will be posting about academic things and my current research project here at

I'm an undergrad anthropology major in the U.S. South and I'm currently working on my honors thesis project

It consists of a survey about neurodiversity and the importance of online communities, and I will be sharing it from this account very soon! I'll also be posting updates about it and other research I do


Hello world!
I'm currently a late-stage PhD student studying neuroscience. My works are about using engineered viral tools to make neurons and their connections visible.

Besides, I like traveling, reading, watching movies, and cooking.

Looking forward to meeting you all~~

Hello! I''m a masters level economics student at the University of Leeds in the UK. My academic interest is in the political economy of the environment, sustainable transitions, decolonization, and the like.

Non-academic (ish) interests include philosophy and music.

Hi, I'm a newbie, Phd candidate (University of Warsaw, Poland), interested in various aspects of the anthropology of technology. I wanna find out whether it is possible to organise the internet differently, so I study alternative and independent sm platforms, cyberculture, utopian projects as well as public policies and digital agendas.

US police violence mention 

In light of the recent killing of Walter Wallace Jr by the Philadelphia police, I took the liberty of making a $100 donation to the Philly Bail Fund on behalf of

Others with the means to do so are also encouraged to help out however they can, proportionate to their ability

I'm an incoming research professor at Pennsylvania State University. Interested in using population genetics methods to understand evolution in marine species, particularly those in the tropical Indo-Pacific.

Also interested in promoting open, equitable science, especially capacity-building for marine biodiversity assessment in developing countries. Co-founder of the Diversity of the Indo-Pacific Network.

While I've been here for a year, I haven't posted an intro and haven't been active in general. I am a high school student interested in neuroscience, genetic engineering, AI and transhumanism.


Hello there!
I'm a first-year PhD student studying psychology in a small French-Canadian university. My thesis is about psychometrics and climate for LGBTQ2+ folks. I also do some work in fundamental cognition and reading. I absolutely don't consider myself an expert on any of this though, so feel free to point out my errors!

Other than that, I'm in my late 20s and trans, I like birds, video games, sweets, anime and drawing.

Looking forward to meeting you all! :)

Hi! I'm a newbie archivist, starting my second year as the assistant archivist at WCSU. I'm absolutely loving it.

Since March, we've been making updates to the archives server--moving Connecticut's Archives Online (search engine for archival records across the state) to a new system and automating a lot of the grunt work. It's been techie fun.

In my personal life, I'm OMG a dog person. I enjoy sewing, knitting, and painting.
(Also, I'm new to Mastodon, trying to leave FB)

Scholar Social instance moderation 

The instance at has been silenced by

I'm the software guy for the New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behaviour at the University of Canterbury.

My thing is reducing drudgery for linguistics researchers, by combining and developing open source software.

Among programmers I'm a linguist. Among linguists I'm a programmer.

time! I've just started my Master's thesis, working on building and hopefully launching a ChipSat. Made this account for more specific academicposting, main at @RedFuture

Feel free to ask me space-related questions, I will almost definitely not know the answer but will enjoy the question with you!

Possibly looking for study/accountability pals, not sure yet though.

Mutual mentorship/support/"Academics Anonymous" 

Building off the energy and community from , will be hosting a mutual mentorship and support programme

The goal: to provide a venue for mutual support for people who are in academia, adjacent to it, considering entering it, or who have left it

Due to the nature of the programme, it will be intentionally a small group by invitation only, where everyone knows everyone

DM @Cyborgneticz or @bgcarlisle for more details

finally in order. I'm Joris, I'm in the last stages of my AI master trying to get my thesis of the ground. Want to do research into Natural Language Generation and Human-Computer Interaction.

Posting something to scare off certain kinds of people from this instance 


That's all

:heart_trans_black: you all!

Ahoi! I just moved from the Alps to the North Sea and I'm about to start my media studies PHD on the political economy of (alternative) social media, ideology in infrastructure and the fediverse in general - so being on here may count as research ;)

Updates to Community Standards 

Hi friends!

I've made some changes to the Community Standards

The big ones are:

1. "Providing unsolicited advice to strangers" is now explicitly "unwelcome conduct" (nothing happened to prompt this, but I felt it was good to state explicitly, just in case)

2. There is now a rule against "falsely representing oneself as a member of a minority"

Former archivist here. I specialize in digital records and cataloguing. Currently doing personal research on audio signal data.

Scholar Social reminder 

Hi friends!

Don't feel like you need to go back and delete old posts or anything

But I've seen a few posts with link shorteners recently (links on,,,, etc.) and we're trying to avoid them on

Link shorteners track users without their consent and obscure the destination address, which prevents users from being able to decide whether they want to visit the link beforehand

Moving forward, please expand links before posting, thanks!

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