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Re-, you say?

I'm doing social science research within an engineering school that's into new/clean energy tech - in my case, EVs and grid integration.

Less cars >> EVs > fossil cars

My PhD was in architectural science, about the experience of air conditioning, and my undergrad was in renewable energy engineering.

I've been doing all sorts of things related to energy for the last ~16 years including policy, consulting and building stuff.

We're re-introducing! Hey cool kids. I'm Yo - they/she. Ex-research software engineer, EngD student at the University of Manchester, based in the UK but also Israeli and Kiwi. The day job is at the Wellcome Trust as open source technology lead, and openly shared research is my favourite thing, more than sliced bread. I most eat veggies and am usually tired.

Saying hi to new friends! 

Re- seem to be the thing today on scholar

Hello to new and familiar faces on the instance!

I'm the research fairy (he/they), here to make your academic problems disappear 🧚

I did my PhD in medical research ethics, and now I work in medical meta-research

I post a lot about Star Trek, especially Deep Space Nine; if you watch DS9, I *will* very likely boost every single time you mention it

I ate the whole thing of hummus, it was me, sorry

Is this behaviour considered appropriate on your instance?

It's re- time apparently!

I'm Verity (she/they), I'm nearly finished with studying medicine in the UK!

🚑 often thinking about: critical care, prehospital/community emergency medicine, social determinants of health, mitochondria

⌨ also interactive fiction and other storytelling!

🥟 and dumplings.

Currently working on a tiny education project, and also passing my exams properly... hello!

hi! I’m ezra. I’m a high school student interested in human organization and collaboration, and a lot of other things including (maybe) academia. I made a more complete list in my bio just for fun.

one of the main reasons I’m on this instance is to learn more about the paths you all have taken and continue to take to get where you are now!

Morning y'all! Joining the re- train.
I'm a PhD student in Political Science, and I'm working on my dissertation. I study language, neoliberalism, and care ethics.
I'm going to be leaving academia to pursue teaching high school cause I love teaching, and gonna be an independent scholar.

I also always have side projects on topics outside of this for fun!
I post a lot about my job search, research, and also nonsense.

Hello all! re-
I am a student studying at the University of Washington's iSchool for my Masters degree in Library & Information Science. I love books, painting, hiking, board games, and playing with my pups. (: I did away with Facebook & I look forward to connecting with you all here!

@marcjones got me thinking that a reintroduction would a good thing since we got a lot of new folks here on So here it goes!

I'm Rusty. I teach composition & creative writing at a community college in South Carolina. My professional specialties are U.S. literature, creative writing, & food studies.

I post about teaching stuffs, what I'm reading, cooking, my pet guinea pigs, & other random things.

Hi everyone -- I'm new to and Mastodon. I'm a college student studying social theory and philosophy, with an eye towards data ethics. I'm based in the US and join this instance in hopes of finding a space online that makes me feel comfortable sharing personal opinions. I also hope to get to know more people, if possible.

I'll probably be posting quotes and thoughts from school readings. Currently reading Freud (@_@) and ethics of nudging.


My gosh, there are a bunch of people on I do not recognise.

I am Marc. English language teacher at unis in Tokyo. Interested in listening, especially vowel acquisition for listening, corpus linguistics, mixed methods, open access, and having unrealistic numbers of projects on the go.

Likely to toot about small-p politics. Frequent CW user.


Introducing myself to a new instance 

I guess I should do a new since I've moved to this instance.

I am from Oregon (USA) but living, teaching in Paris for years now. Currently a doctoral student focusing on the political economy of disinformation and fact-checking around controversies of and in US political discourse.

Current covid-safe interests: 🚲 🐱 🇻🇳 🍜

Ultimately, I am new here and open to tips on how to make the most of it 😀.

I have added "no institutional accounts" to our Community Standards, because periodically an organization or a school or something tries to set up shop on Scholar, and they invariably spam the Local Timeline with nothing but links back to their Twitter account

If you are a member on Scholar and you have a compelling reason why this is a bad policy, I'm legitimately open to discussion

:NoAt: If you are not a member of Scholar, please do not interact, thanks

Block rec, mention of antisemitic hate 

A user on just replied "gas the jews" to me

Use that information however you see fit

That instance was suspended from scholar, though

Extremely emphatic reminder

We do not "debate" the basic rights and dignity owed to a minority group on

Not as an "intellectual exercise"; not for "educational purposes"

Find ways to learn about the rights and dignity that are owed to women, people of colour, queer people and disabled people without implicitly devaluing them

If you disagree with this position, close your account now, block this instance, defederate from scholar

This is a hill we're willing to die on

Community Standards reminder 

Let me make something clear: "having a debate" about the basic rights and dignity owed to a minority group isn't some sort of pure, intellectual inquiry. Just framing a minority's rights, dignity and equality as a subject that is up for discussion *is* an act of devaluing them.

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Hi, I'm Ilhan. I'm a fluid mechanician currently working on computational hydrology. I'm interested in environmental and geophysical flow modeling.

A reminder to new users

> Do not attempt to weaponize our Community Standards or anti-abuse tools/policies against marginalized groups such as people of colour, women or queer people.

Hey all!

I'm a mathematician by degree, with industry experience in cryptography research (University), Finance (Blackrock), Fashion (Farfetch) and Biotech (Amyris).

I enjoy Behavioural Economics and Policy Making. In particular, how we can make decisions and unite as a society when the best policy impacts some people negatively. The best example I'm aware of is automation, which leads to many unemployed people but I'd argue it is good overall.

I'd love to hear your ideas

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