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hi all. I'm not in academia anymore but when I was, I was a PhD candidate in Cellular & Molecular Medicine. I also have an MD degree. My body gave up on me but my mind is still fairly sharp

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Hello! I'm Lora, an academic law librarian in Connecticut, USA. In addition to a law degree, I have a linguistics degree and a soon-to-be-completed MS in library and information science. I really enjoy Python, database design, and learning and speaking lots of languages. If you speak Czech and/or German and would be willing to practice with me, I would love to talk to you!

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Hello! I'm Tom, an assistant professor in CS. I recently rejoined academia after several years in a research lab. Currently interested in various aspects of security, specifically thinking about problems related to information integrity in all types of systems.

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Oh, right. .

I’m less of a scholar these days, but still hopeful I can one day exit the daily drudgery of a career in Unix and applied logic, and pick up where I left off in my academic pursuits. Inveterate philosophy fanboy, only occasionally seen at conferences taking notes and chatting over drinks later. My heroes are currently Parfit, Railton, Manzotti, and my former Metaphysics Professor cum Professorin.

Forename is easily recognized, so just call me “that guy”. Or ask.

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Alright, let's make the . I'm Lore, final year of MSc in physics. Main interests: plasma physics, astrophysics, anything related to science and/or tech. Federalist at heart, which has led me to Mastodon 👌

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Hi, no idea what I'm doing here but I'm T.X. Watson, a nontraditional student in my last year at Hampshire College. Just joined Mastodon after it was brought up on the solarpunk Discord

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Erm... Kevin here, from Tokyo (33 years, anyway). Trying to get Japanese university students to use English better. I use lots of tech in the quest for bettering.

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Hi all. I'm Ed. Ex-researcher who dumped academia midway through the PhD program. Now a scientist in financial services working on Artificial Intelligence in London.

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Hello all! I am an assistant prof. of computer science interested in data analysis and mining, computational geometry, computer game design and prototyping. I am working in Hacettepe University, Turkey. I wanted to give mastodon a try and hope to find a trusted medium for sharing my thoughts and collaborating with people. So, I really hope that this works :)

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I'm a Lecturer in computer science with interests in AI (shortest path/heuristic search), social impact of the internet, and CS Ed. Also a union organizer and permaculture enthusiast.

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Hello World !
I read again about Mastodon in and figured it was time to give it a shot!
I'm a PhD student in computer vision, working in the Vision for robotics groups at TU Wien. So yeah, I spend my day with robots 🤖
And when I'm not, I'm usually either trying to learn German, or trying to learn how to play the bass !
I've never been big on Twitter, so we'll see where this goes!

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hello! I'm an applied maths M.Sc. student.

I have been Mastodon user for some time now (I'm semi-active at and ) but I'm still not sure if I've really grasped how Mastodon works ... after reading the Outline article I wanted take a look at some other instances too.

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Hi everyone! I'm a community engagement and learning librarian at a public library in Iowa (since July) and former secondary journalism/English teacher. I have an MEd in curriculum and instruction, and MS in Library and Information Sciences. I'm currently in charge of collection development for romance and the 100s (philosophy, the paranormal and self help) and my department is looking for adult programming ideas - both education and entertainment oriented.

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Hello World. Didn't realize that the instance you were on mattered the last time I looked at Mastodon -- and since Twitter has been such an ultra nightmare lately, I thought I'd give this another go. Medical librarian checking in from parts unknown. Happy solstice!

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Hi all, I just learned that the instance you're on matters, so I decided to give Mastodon another try.

I'm actually not a researcher, but a software developer. However, I have founded a non-profit startup to help accelerate the move to and , and as such am always interested to hear what academics think - especially about those subjects.

Let's see whether this works out - given my ideals I'm definitely rooting for Mastodon over Twitter :)

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Hello all. Happy to see an instance for researchers/scholars. Looking forward to the discussions.

I'm a biological oceanographer, currently in the middle of a Ph.D. Professional interests are photosynthesis, phytoplankton physiology and ecology and evolutionary theory.

On the side, I just started coding a few years ago and now I'm kind of obsessed. Working with an open-source digital assistant called Huginn. Slow goings, but it's fun.

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Becoming a STEM teacher after 3 decades as an engineer. Fearful of classrooms full of hormonal kids.

Also becoming a triathlon coach.

Current "research" interests:
- Improving model slicing algorithms for 3D printers.
- Improving algorithms for 3D scanners.
- Hacking home automation systems.

Other interests: Ukulele, singing, procrastination.

Politics: Just trying to stay out of the echo chamber.

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Hi all, this is my first instance.
I am a researcher and hobbyist in 3D printing, with a PhD in polymer science. I work in the private sector within this field.

research interests: photochemistry, polymer networks, thermodynamics, time temperature superposition (Deborah scaling of time and history).

Philo interests: ownership, determinism, willpower, the intersection of individual and collective rights.

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Hello everyone!

Totally new to this. I'm Donovan, I'm studying Theatre, and I like gaming, analysis, and I'm currently on the hunt for new music >.>

Any advice on cool channels, people, etc. to follow, or just what to do here, would be greatly appreciated ^^

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Hello! This is my first mastodon instance, so help finding accounts to follow and instances to join would be appreciated!

I'm an undergrad at Purdue studying chemistry and planetary science.

Research interests:
Mars Geology and Mineralogy
Remote Sensing/Spectroscopy
Analytical Instrumentation

Also interested in singing, video games, indie music, and linux/open source software

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