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New friends hello! :) 

We've had a huge influx of new people this week, which I love

Welcome to all our new friends!


* Public posts on-topic
* Off-topic posts should be Unlisted
* CW liberally
* Add descriptions to your images
* Check my pinned post for
* Read to get started!

And if you're a Nazi/white supremacist, a homophobe, anti-trans in any way, or a supporter of Jordan Peterson or Milo Yiannopoulos, close your account and leave!

Introduction time!

I am a Political Science grad student. My research focuses on Gramsci and neoliberalism. I have spending quite a bit of time on ethics and WIttgenstein recently as a way to recharge.

I am epileptic and pay for my meds via Twitch, which is the most Millennial thing I do.

New users here, so I'll start regularly posting bits of Mastodon etiquette!

One thing that might be new is having to think about what privacy setting to use for your posts

For a lot of posts, you probably want Unlisted—not Public!

Unlisted posts go to your followers and they're boostable; off-topic posts are allowed and encouraged

Public posts go on the Local Timeline; and for, Public posts should be "on topic" (topic is: academia, teaching, learning—if in doubt, use a CW)

Instance block 

The instance at has been silenced and media-blocked from Scholar Social for untagged porn

Hi all, just found this instance and thought I'd make a quick .

I'm sadly not a student anymore, graduated a few years back with a masters in bioethics and bachelors in medical anthropology and evolutionary biology. I've got a variety of interests ranging from computer science, medicine, cognitive science, theatre, literature, and linguistics.

Looking forward to interacting with you all!

Hi everyone, I'm Rachel. I'm an associates level student working to finish a two year AA degree. This semester I was accepted into UNC Chapel Hill starting Fall 2020 and will be going for a & undergrad, then hopefully moving on to complete a graduate degree. My literary favorites are mostly late Brit lit, although in my free time I read a lot of & graphic novels. Other loves: cats, coffee, and posts.

Hi, I am a researcher and informatician, living in Germany, interested in nature, technology, formal systems, the history of science.

Okay here's my

Hey there all, I'm Delilah. I'm a student currently working on creating social emotional learning-oriented content for grades K-2. I am proficient in Japanese on a business level (which is good, because I live here). I am a lover of coffee and books.

Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm an emerging professional currently working as the in a small house museum in my hometown.
Along with I enjoy various , , and crafts. One of my favorite things to do at work is show people how , , , and the like are all intertwined and help others make connections with the past.

I’m Paul, a retired but still working academic. Started in Literature, transitioned to catholic theology (back when that had a life), moved on to Buddhism and zen in particular. In between, did a lot of work on Gandhi. Now studying languages, Greek, Sanskrit, Mandarin and playing viola for a break

Hi! I'm J.T./Taylor, I'm from the north of England, and I'm an undergrad final year student.
I'm broadly interested in queer embodiment. My dissertation is about how violence/weaponry facilitates male homosociality/homoeroticism within crime TV. I've also completed funded research into trans representation in MPreg fan-fiction.
I love bullet journaling, so if you choose to follow me you might see the spreads I make to procrastinate on my actual degree work!

Hello! I see everyone doing one, so here's my

I'm a Data Analyst working at a smallish health center. I have a masters in and another in . Most of my work in philosophy was on process philosophy & A.N. Whitehead, and most of my work in public health is on and , specifically use.

These days I'm mainly interested in and . I'm also really into and tabletop

I never did my , so here it is!

I'm a engineer who graduated in ( minor and a lean to ) and (focusing on IR).

TV is my main media consumption, though I'm almost done eating through N.K. Jemisin's bibliography. My interests are everywhere, so I'll love you if you @ me cool or helpful learning resources about things you enjoy. (Or if you just want to talk!)

Hi, I'm Josh! :)
I'm a soon-to-be PhD student in the computational group at the University of Innsbruck, where I'll be working on automated proving and formal ! Basically, this means I get computers to automate logical reasoning, which helps greatly in providing rigorous guarantees of the safety of real-world systems (computer hardware, internet protocols, self-driving cars, ...).

Looking forward to meeting cool new people here! :)

! I got my PhD from Michigan in Anthropology in 2014, and then immediately moved out to Kazakhstan to take up at job at Nazarbayev University! I'm an assistant professor in the department of Sociology and Anthropology

My focus is on language, gender, and sexuality, specifically language ideologies around "attractiveness" and the art of self-presentation in the context of the Japanese marriage industry. Tl;dr: I'm studying Tinder now.

I'm Jamie and I'm a final year undergrad majoring in English lit and minoring in psychology (neuroscience and developmental psychology). At the moment I'm particularly interested in American lit and science-fiction (my dissertation will be on the role of autism in postmodern sci-fi/speculative fiction). I also have a totally not 'The Good Place'-related interest in philosophy. I'm also here for thoughtful debates about why Margaret Atwood considers herself 'above genre'.

Here's my , I guess.

Hi all! My name is Alice. I am a 20-year-old sohphomore undergrad student in lower Alabama, USA. I'm studying (American/Latin American emphasis) with a minor in . I also have interest in various topics in and . I want to move on to grad school, money permitting, but would also happily settle for work if that doesn't work out.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

More Masto etiquette!

When you post an image to Mastodon, there is a field that you can fill in with a description

It's an expectation of this instance that you provide useful descriptions to aid in accessibility

Assume that the reader of your post will not have access to the image, to get an idea of what you should put there

So if you're posting a screenshot of text, copy the text as well!

Descriptions should be long enough to convey what the image is supposed to, without extra details

New instance blocking policy 

There is a new planned update to the instance blocking policy:

This will take effect on 2019 January 1, unless I am given a very compelling reason against it

(There has already been significant discussion on the subject at the following thread; please read it before jumping in, to be sure that your point hasn't already been discussed)

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