Hello, fediverse! Let me briefly introduce myself 👋

I am a social scientist currently researching entanglements of in .

My research draws on , , and analyses in .

I look forward to the exchange!

Hello, I'm new on this instance. I'm a researcher in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I would be happy to discussabout , and related stuff! :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you

Hi! So... just a hangaround who found this place. Doing support (mostly kicking computers and users) A beliver in FOSS, lover of high pN2 and warm, salty water (and cold green, dark, murky to). Work in Stockholm, Sweden. Sharing is caring and information wants to be free

Hello, everyone! My name is Oliver (he/him). I'm a 2nd year PhD student in a Political Science program. I am learning to use quantitative methods to study civil war, international intervention, state violence, and human rights issues. I come from an interstate conflict background, and so I'm more familiar with IR than comparative politics, at the moment. I look forward to meeting some cool people :)

Hi Scholar! I’ve joined this instance a few years ago, but I’ve been too shy to introduce myself. My name is Damiano, I am a medical doctor in Public Health. I work as statistician at the University Hospital of Caen Normandy (France) and as assistant professor in statistics and public health at the University of Caen. […]

[…] My (personal) research work focuses mainly on end-stage kidney disease. I look for risk factors of cardiovascular events in the French population treated by dialysis or transplantation. For that, I use the database of the French National Health Insurance. I am a huge fan, and though I have a no data science / programming background, I am doing quite well.

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I guess an is in order.

I'm Ahmet Akkoç, MSc Data Science student at IT University of Copenhagen 🇩🇰. I have been looking for a space to share my projects and research and scholar.social seemed right up my alley.

More about me:

* I love ,
* and enthusiast, but cautionary of :3
* enthusiast, here to promote it on Mastodon.
* I get around, expect to see me all over the place!

Nice to meet you all (^_^)/

Hi all!

I'm an undergrad historian aspiring to academia. I'm interested in cultural history, especially the history of ideas and the representation of history in culture and media

Academically I have mostly studied the US and N America, though recently I developed a keen interest in Soviet history (being a leftist and also originally from Russia), and was hoping to use this platform to connect with others interested in Soviet history

I'm very excited to be here with y'all!

I have already been suspending bad accounts and instances where appropriate

But feel free to bring any new accounts to my attention (err or the side of letting me know rather than assuming I've already seen them)

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There seems to be a campaign of targeted harassment aimed at trans users across different instances

Please use the "report" option if you see anything like this and I will act on it immediately when I see it


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