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Hi, we've moved to, we're now @solnascente_eu Please follow us there!

Hi, we've moved to, we're now @solnascente_eu Please follow us there!

Hi, we've moved to, we're now @solnascente_eu Please follow us there!

Dear everyone, we're moving our Mastodon presence to, where we may speak more freely. We're now: @solnascente_eu. Hope to see you all there!

UK mutual credit network is launching -

The Open Credit Network

Plans to incorporate as a multistakeholder #coop.

Software will be free/open source.

Local nodes will be supported, that could be nested into the national scheme.

It's now official, we're buying land to start our ! We're settling in Silverto, Paredes de Coura in .

Finishing up our application for the European Rewilding Network in the center of Parades de Coura

Sol Nascente is a regenerative initiative that longs to the north of and by proving that a forest can be ecologically sound as well as wildly productive.

Scholar Social

NOTICE: Registration on is open to anyone who is willing to abide by our Community Standards. Email scholar dot social at protonmail dot com if you want an invite!

Federated microblogging for academics

Scholar Social is a microblogging platform for researchers, grad students, librarians, archivists, undergrads, academically inclined high schoolers, educators of all levels, journal editors, research assistants, professors, administrators—anyone involved in academia who is willing to engage with others respectfully.

We strive to be a safe space for queer people and other minorities in academia, recognizing that there can only be academic freedom where the existence and validity of interlocutors' identities is taken as axiomatic.

"An academic microblog that you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference"

"Official" monthly journal club!

(Participation is, of course, optional)

Scholar Social features a monthly "official" journal club, in which we try to read and comment on a paper of interest.

Any user of Scholar Social can suggest an article by sending the DOI by direct message to and one will be chosen by random lottery on the last day of the month. We ask that you only submit articles that are from *outside* your own field of study to try to ensure that the papers we read are accessible and interesting to non-experts.

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