Hi, we've moved to social.weho.st, we're now @solnascente_eu Please follow us there!

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Hi, we've moved to social.weho.st, we're now @solnascente_eu Please follow us there!

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Dear everyone, we're moving our Mastodon presence to social.weho.st, where we may speak more freely. We're now: @solnascente_eu. Hope to see you all there!

UK mutual credit network is launching -

The Open Credit Network opencredit.network/.

Plans to incorporate as a multistakeholder #coop.

Software will be free/open source.

Local nodes will be supported, that could be nested into the national scheme.

Thanks for the heads up. I think we're in the right place, although we're somewhere in the middle between -activism, and . We're effectively doing applied research into what a might look like.

Hope that sounds good to you?

By the way, we're looking for research partners. But to study fire mitigation as well as ecosystem services and related accounting.

I have no idea why the post is gone. We're still getting into the social media flow a bit, I guess. ;) I'll post it again in a bit.

It's now official, we're buying land to start our ! We're settling in Silverto, Paredes de Coura in . maps.app.goo.gl/C9bhg

@transflux The first large forest fires are already starting. Historically, they don't start until June. There's a deeply worrying trend of forest fires increasing. Effectively what climate models have predicted to happen, except about 20 years from now.

Finishing up our application for the European Rewilding Network in the center of Parades de Coura

Sol Nascente is a regenerative initiative that longs to the north of and by proving that a forest can be ecologically sound as well as wildly productive. solnascente.eu

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