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For me, this is the best method to solve (better than completing squares, general quadratics formula, factorization, ...)

(Credits from "l hodge" - @l_d_hodge on twitter)

It's easy to understand, it works with $a \neq 1$ and it has meaning.

It's based on change of variables and

Sheet about questions about area involving parts of cicle 

I just point this out if you need:

(via Dan Meyer twitter

Discrimination against poor people in hairdresser 

somenxavier - Never go to EQP's hairdresser
in Mallorca (Spain)

After several times going to this hairdresser, today they banned us to make an appointment for the next week. The "reason" was because "there are people spending 3 hours in hairdresser" and that "you only spend just 1/2 hour".
Translation: if you spend €300, then you could make an appointment; less, you could not.

Really? is down? 

Admin contacted me: it seems that old hardware fails. He said to me that admins have to talk about the future of the service.

Show thread is down? 

Anyone knows if is down? I cannot acces to it and email of admin does not respond (it bounced me).

Proves VIA: format comú (educació d'adults) 

El 2015 el Govern de les Illes Balears fa fer un seminari per a unificar les proves VIA (que no el procés VIA) a tots els CEPA de les Illes Balears. El resultat va ser un document de mínims.

El coneixeu?

L'adjunt (1/2)

Modular laptop 

Perhaps you would interest in modular called "Framework"

Anyone knows some project to make *2D* DIY (paper) printers? I just know open-source project to make 3D printers and not regular ones.
Thanks in advance

Sansaku Puzzles 

I discovered Puzzles via Sarah Carter's blog:

Some interesting puzzles to introduce of in grid systems in education

Gemini mailing list 

How much time we have to wait to restore mailing list?

Is there any alternative way to communicate each other and plain users to gemini core developers? IRC? Matrix? Some official channel?

Can gemini project set an alternative mailing list?

I just discovered this reference about that:


Very concern about data privacy in public university course survey 

I participate in a course from a public university (UIB). I have to answer a survey from LimeSurvey.

I'm very concerned about my data privacy [] and that a public university uses external tool to make research surveys.

Don't they have enough money to make their own survey forms software? Can they guaranteed my privacy of my data (as any good survey must have)? I don't think so.

Falta de formació de qualitat 

Potser també es podria fer una formació a la UIB per als docents **de secundària**

Backup software advice 

I need a backup software in GNU/Linux. My requirements are:

- free software
- based on standard programs
- support for full and incremental backups
- User simply see the files (I don't need to uncompress or mount those as special file system)

So, for example, I drop borg from my list.

Any candidates?

In case you want to build your own server, I recommend you server

Mantained by Omar Polo

@Gargron Can you please accept protocol to support Link verification in web page? Thanks in advance

Si queréis os podéis apuntar al II Congreso de Adultos

Fecha: 11 y 12 de febrero de 2022. El formato es presencial y online

Anyone could create a home server like Daniel Clemente did some time ago [] (link in Spanish).

Why we don't do that and we rely on third-party actors (mostly enterprises)?

Ignorance? Danger Consequences like DDoS? or security breaches?

In my case, the only undesirable consequence of hosting my home server could be having no internet connection for other devices in my home if web server have a lot of demand (slashdot effect for example)

Per compleció, aquestes són algunes fotos de la manifestació i la convocatòria

El pròxim pas, dia 16 de desembre la comissió de medi ambient ha de pronunciar-se.

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