Corona, Police 

“Become a government informer. Betray your family and friends. Fabulous prizes to be won!”

Here's a 1.8 billion pixel photo taken by a robot probe on a planet some 200 or odd million kilometres away to bring a bit of awe and wonder to your day.

The Office365 rollout at work is going well... As a general rule I find that avoiding Microsoft and Google products as much as possible works well for my sanity.

Three years I’ve played this stupid game, three years! Long after all my friends quit, but I finally have my shiny fish!

Gym Mention + 

“When you haven’t been to the gym in 6 weeks but get your key code right first time”

Thor: “I’m still worthy”

More mystery cables are being unearthed here in the land of the Mackems! This one has ‘SS’ written on one side so we know it’s evil.

Mystery cable found in office box of cables. What is it? Nobody knows!

Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women. I have a feeling this is going to prove an important book for people in tech. Been on my radar for a while and just from the discussion around it I’m getting ideas that I could pursue in my as yet theoretical PhD / EdD.

So I saw Mastodon tonight, and wanted to share this on Mastodon because it amuses me

Mention of murder 

I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

Trans / Michael Jackson humour 

Not a fan of the man, but this tickled me

Somewhat bad taste humour 

Rather unfortunate file name truncation there, for module descriptor “The Emerging Graduate Physiotherapist”

I went food shopping while hungry and after a beer. I made some bad decisions.

Spoopy Selfie. Not exactly eye contact... 

My improv knife was dissed by certain people. *cough* @xaphania *cough* But sometimes you have to improve, adapt, overcome!

Some random notes from afternoon keynote by Alex Beard (Natural Born Learner) - Jobs which are least likely to be automated are those which involve creation; Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t make new; Teaching is so esteemed in Finland that there are 10 applicants for every place.

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