The reset process for GE "smart" lightbulbs is fantastic. Modern technology is incredible. I think my favourite part of this is that someone realised how awful this process was and that they needed to change it, but only made the entire thing worse.

Deepfake algorithms can now take a single photo of you and animate it to make you say anything. The thought occurs, why are we doing this? What are the possible positive results of this research and technology? Or are we just doing it to see if we can?

@ghost_bird no, thank you for bringing this to my attention. It’s just so disappointing. I still intend to read the book, as I still think it will have value for my area of work, but with a little less enthusiasm and a much more critical eye.

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@ghost_bird no worries Sophie, I’m on it. DuckDuckGo’d her... urgh. Feeling very disappointed now :/

@ambientnaturecultures not sure how broad it goes, will find out soon I guess. My interest would by applying it to my area, learning technology, learning analytics, curriculum design, etc.

@ghost_bird well shit, I was expecting it to be problematic for the straight forward division of women/men, but I wasn’t aware of that. Any sources you have handy?

Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women. I have a feeling this is going to prove an important book for people in tech. Been on my radar for a while and just from the discussion around it I’m getting ideas that I could pursue in my as yet theoretical PhD / EdD.

We do not know what it is.
There seems to be huge amounts in the Universe.
We have no idea why.

We know exactly what it is.
There seems to be almost none in the Universe.
We have no idea why not.

This is a great long read in the Times Higher about the current state of English studies across the English speaking world, behind a paywall alas. Very timely and relevant for me as I'm starting to seriously consider the dreaded and oft delayed doctorate.

It should not be safe for Nazis to be outside.

They should not feel safe expressing their opinions.

When your "free speech" means the death of other people, your opinion is not welcome.

And don't give me your paradox bullshit. :bloboff:

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me showing the New Cool Science Thing to all my friends

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