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So I saw Mastodon tonight, and wanted to share this on Mastodon because it amuses me

Mastodon is chumbawumbing -- and many blame the whisky drink, they blame the vodka drink, they blame the lager drink, they blame the cider drink

There's a beautiful beautiful beautiful postcard book on kickstarter right now. I'm not sure if I want/need it... if I got it, I think I'd send them all as actual postcards. Trying to do more writing-writing. Shing Yin Khor paints lovely and creative otherworldy creatures.

A clean-out of a lecture hall at the University of St Andrews in Scotland led to a discovery of what may be the oldest surviving wall chart of periodic table, which appears to date back to 1885.

Periodic reminder of a great website:

Enter an email address and the site will check its massive database to see if your details have been found in a hacked dataset.

My work address was pwned via a leak from a company called Apollo. I have no idea who they are, I have no record of ever having visited their site or creating an account. And, having been to the website and read about them, I still don't even know what they do. Sales bollocks of some kind.

Hump day fun. I don't normally do this kind of thing, but this one was fun - who said it? Edgar Allan Poe or some emo band? I got 12/16.

copyright, big publishers 

God, I’m glad I’m gay. What even are straight people?

What fool called it CERN and not the Collide-o-scope?

Boost this to instantly become gay and gain 5 skill levels in Programming

CW for sparkly dust and environmental damage 

Half the internet is fake, and the problem with that is that you don’t end up believing the fake stuff is real, you end up not believing or trusting anything

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