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thanks to whoever defined plethora for me

it means a lot

Phenomenology of Mastodon 

Phenomenology of Mastodon 

Reviewing old assessments for a module I’ve taken over, comment to student: “The Guardian is not a credible academic source”. Poor Guardian! ^_^

amazon, echo, ai 

My list of recommendations in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, containing only non-(white,male) authors. 14 authors I genuinely like or love, who have moved me or my worldview with their writing:

(Let me know if you have recommendations or think I'm missing something!) #sffbookclub #amReading #scifi #fantasy

Hey, Linux gamers 

WhatsApp is next - and it's been coming for a while 

The "special drawer reserved for disappointing surprise presents for the children of people you don't like." I have one of these! I didn't know that's what it was called.

Trans Internet Security Risk 

So I saw Mastodon tonight, and wanted to share this on Mastodon because it amuses me

Mastodon is chumbawumbing -- and many blame the whisky drink, they blame the vodka drink, they blame the lager drink, they blame the cider drink

There's a beautiful beautiful beautiful postcard book on kickstarter right now. I'm not sure if I want/need it... if I got it, I think I'd send them all as actual postcards. Trying to do more writing-writing. Shing Yin Khor paints lovely and creative otherworldy creatures.

A clean-out of a lecture hall at the University of St Andrews in Scotland led to a discovery of what may be the oldest surviving wall chart of periodic table, which appears to date back to 1885.

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