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Three years I’ve played this stupid game, three years! Long after all my friends quit, but I finally have my shiny fish!

Good article covering some of the biggest tech milestones of the past decade. Was surprised at how long ago some of these things happened.

Last gig of the year - Bury Tomorrow at the Riverside on the 17th. It was a belter!

me and the lads are dressing up as ghosts and haunting the shit out of jeff bezos tonight

Instructure, they of Canvas VLE / LMS, sold to private equity firm for 2 beellion dollars. Curse this sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Got a .org domain? You might have to pay a lot more to renew it in future so that rich arseholes can get richer. What a shameless sellout.

Reasons to be hopeful for the future - 10 emerging technologies which could change our lives and society:

I hereby propose that cookbooks shall henceforth be known as “nom fiction”. All those in favour say “aye”.

Gym Mention + 

“When you haven’t been to the gym in 6 weeks but get your key code right first time”

Thor: “I’m still worthy”

More mystery cables are being unearthed here in the land of the Mackems! This one has ‘SS’ written on one side so we know it’s evil.

Mystery cable found in office box of cables. What is it? Nobody knows!

UK Politics 

Petition to stop the proroguing of Parliament - up to nearly 1.5 million signatures at time of posting


⚁ ⚂ ⚀ ⚃ ⚀→#detention
⚃ ⚁ ⚁ ⚁ ⚃→#nintendo
⚀ ⚃ ⚄ ⚄ ⚀→#cannabis
⚀ ⚃ ⚂ ⚁ ⚁→#budding
⚅ ⚀ ⚄ ⚅ ⚄→#tadpole
⚂ ⚀ ⚄ ⚁ ⚅→#frigidity


Roll your own @

Also, since when did Mastodon have a 'Delete and Re-Draft' option? That is well nice that is.

The Establishment? - 

This is a really interest project designed to map the intersections between books on College curricula. It's US only, and content warning because all the most cited works are depressingly male and white.

The actual map is at if you don't have access to THE.

Here's what WarioWare: Twisted! tells you when you erased save data.

I really feel like that when I do so it hits me hard lol, even when I erase someone else's game save when I buy games second hand. That's why I back them up when I can when I buy pre-owned them! I did it for this one so jokes on you

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