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I’m so pleased to hear about Microsoft’s planned acquisition of TikTok. I can’t wait for TikTok for Business* and the seamless integration it promises with LinkedIn for sharing office japes like photocopying your arse.

* Not compatible with regular TikTok.

Climate Change 

I don’t know why, but I found this article speculating on what life will look like in a few million years after we’ve killed ourselves as a species really positive!

Just a reminder to my fellow folks: hope y'all are taking care of yourselves. Cuz academia sure as hell won't.

It's OK to be 'unproductive' sometimes. Tell that guilt to shut its yap.

Also, thanks for making this a cool place to hang.


- Good take on the coronavirus pandemic, and it's place in the wider contexts of neoliberalism and ecological destruction from Kim Stanley Robinson:

Good 20 minute talk on where subscriptions models seem to be leading us. Learned a lot of new terms, including 'Service as a Software Substitute':

Corona, Police 

“Become a government informer. Betray your family and friends. Fabulous prizes to be won!”

Angry Sweary Rant 

Seriously, can Microsoft just go and fucking die already? I’ve just signed back into OneNote on my home computer and suddenly I don’t have any notebooks anymore. Whatever. Weird Microsoft bullshit. Signed in online, and I have my notebook. Except, randomly, for the one fucking section I fucking need. I hate fucking hate fucking Microsoft. Everything they touch turns to fucking shit. More fucking fool me for trying to use their fucking shite again.

I am providing no context for this text I just received from a friend:

“Coronavirus was made by gargamel to get the smurfs in one place and infect them”

Here's a 1.8 billion pixel photo taken by a robot probe on a planet some 200 or odd million kilometres away to bring a bit of awe and wonder to your day.

I just love everything about

The whole thing is so carefully crafted so as to be useful for de-colonising our curriculum.

The Office365 rollout at work is going well... As a general rule I find that avoiding Microsoft and Google products as much as possible works well for my sanity.

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