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Thumbing through pages to look up something in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, first sentence under "principle of contradiction" caught my eye: "also called principle of non-contradiction, the principle that a statement and its negation cannot both be true." love that

I bought an Oculus Go a few months ago and since then Facebook have discontinued it and are now phasing in Facebook accounts as the only way to login.

August 2020 Doug is slowly shaking his head and rolling his eyes at March 2020 Doug 🙄

I’m so pleased to hear about Microsoft’s planned acquisition of TikTok. I can’t wait for TikTok for Business* and the seamless integration it promises with LinkedIn for sharing office japes like photocopying your arse.

* Not compatible with regular TikTok.

Climate Change 

I don’t know why, but I found this article speculating on what life will look like in a few million years after we’ve killed ourselves as a species really positive!

Just a reminder to my fellow folks: hope y'all are taking care of yourselves. Cuz academia sure as hell won't.

It's OK to be 'unproductive' sometimes. Tell that guilt to shut its yap.

Also, thanks for making this a cool place to hang.


- Good take on the coronavirus pandemic, and it's place in the wider contexts of neoliberalism and ecological destruction from Kim Stanley Robinson:

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