Just sent proofs for an article I’m pleased with to a bucket list journal, so it’s been a pretty good day.

edtech, mass shootings 

linkblog: my thoughts on 'Schools Are Spending Billions on High-Tech Defense for Mass Shootings - The New York Times': spencergreenhalgh.com/work/202

Prepping a Fall class and feeling torn between wanting to make a lot of improvements and not wanting to burn myself out by reinventing wheels from previous semesters.

Setting up a Canvas course gets meta when you’re doing it for a class on web content management.

Thanks in large part to @chrisaldrich, I made some helpful updates to how I'm integrating Hypothesis with my blog.

I also managed to improve content aggregation templates; I've been doing a lot of playing with templates recently, which is going to be helpful for teaching that concept in one of my Fall classes.

Summary blog post here:

Logging into Zotero for the first time since (early) grad school reminds me why I don’t like reference managers.

linkblog: my thoughts on 'Diverse and inclusive stock photos for your next presentation, learning design, etc – George Veletsianos, PhD': spencergreenhalgh.com/work/202

I have some regrets about being a week late on this article review because I took my kid camping—but not a lot, to be honest.

Don't know if any of you use Hypothesis for social annotation, but I spent some time this morning building it into my Hugo static site as a de facto commenting system. I love Hypothesis and like Hugo (despite the absence of an in-built comment system), so pretty happy to bring the two together. Wrote up a short (and now commentable!) post here:


It is not unexpected. Even a badass has a limit and Audrey has reached it. I will miss her critical voice, although I know it will still reverberate inside my head every time I get a cold call from some edtech snake oil vendor. hackeducation.com/2022/06/15/s

It was obvious that this was coming but it's still shocking. Audrey Watters is badass and the problem is we didn't listen to her.


ed tech, gun violence 

linkblog: my thoughts on 'The Silver Bullet of Anti-Shooter Educational Technologies — Civics of Technology': spencergreenhalgh.com/work/202

Kiddo catches a glimpse of the ref list for the research statement I’m preparing for tenure: “Why does it say Greenhalgh so many times?”

linkblog: my thoughts on 'Software to detect school threats online is costly but mostly ineffective.': spencergreenhalgh.com/work/202

tl;dr — 12 years ago, I asked a professor who barely knew me to write a letter of recommendation, and he did, even though it was probably a huge waste of his time. I don't know if I can keep it up indefinitely, but I'm trying to be as generous to my students as my professors were to me.

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