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Figuring out how to architect the Vine archive for this outcome was no small feat, and should be a prototypical example for how to design for the web archive.

… now if only any of the people involved would return my calls :-) If you've got a lead please let me know!

btw, that chart image was a slide in a brief talk I gave this morning:

Archives on the Web: The Curious Case of the Vine Archive

Upped my feedly subscription. I suspect I'm not going to blog any more regularly than I do now tho.

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Pretty excited to have revived the Reading Archivists blog, spread it far and wide my GLAMR friends

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I read Dan Cohen's "Back to the Blog" and can't stop thinking about it and want to see a revival of archivist blogs.

tfw you can't get into the glammr mastodon 😩

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Just kidding my taxes are going up fiscal crisis over (altho now I'm going to check on my dad's tax rate this year....)

I guess one person's $4k can't make as big of a dent as I would like.

Honestly disturbed by how significantly my taxes are going down this year. I'd like to put a nice chunk of that money into fair housing, library/archives support, ... what else.

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The extremely venerable Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (of notable "Doomsday clock" fame) has made their current issue about climate change fully open-access for the next few months

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Hey digipres crowd!

Are there any kind of useful sources for Agent names which people have made for the names of software? any kind of standardization of some of these names done by any group?

@ashley @nkrabben @joshuatj

all of digipres club? (I dunno someone boost?)

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i am one hundred percent serious by the way: teach literary journals to capture and preserve their online content + teach writers to responsibly preserve their digital work. i think it'd be a hit.

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My research collaborators & I have been undertaking a major effort to identify every archive in the US, and some of our early maps show how badly we need this data - existing data sets don't come close to what we've turned over. Please share!

"In the face of an economic system that atomizes us and an academic job market that pits us directly against one another, friendship is a powerful ethical and political practice."

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Keep this going! Text a friend something nice right now. Buy someone a ko-fi. Encourage someone. Give out some love, I know you have some more in you today. 💞 It's gonna make tomorrow better.


Creating metadata takes an unimaginable amount of time but you already knew that AMA

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So I'm super appreciative of -- but I really want to actively use an instance where I can help fund the infrastructure, and participate as a member in the decision making. ..and also learn how to run a social media co-op.

So I'm going to be moving over to @edsu and following y'all from there. I'll keep my account open here, but I would appreciate it if you could follow me over there, if you want to continue to get my updates.

I want to be a minimalist traveler but I am not so I'm letting go of that wish today. Brought to you by the giant suitcase I packed for 2.5 days at home. 😭 😂

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If you follow and have ever wondered what the most liked tweets were:

At least for the moment...

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