One of my favourite mathematicians/physicists in the world is Richard Feynman, not because of the myriad of contributions he made to those fields of study, but because of his excellent technique he developed for learning and teaching - one that helped my mathematics study group progress as a collective, helping each other understand topics better while improving our own understanding at the same time.

It's Feynman's technique that first coined the ELI5 (Explain Like I'm 5) acronym, which is an incredibly useful idea in pedagogy.

This is something I always bare in mind when teaching people about anything. Whether it be mathematics, anarchist philosophy or film theory. If something is worth explaining, it's worth explaining in a way that anybody, regardless of background, can understand. Education should be nothing if not accessible.

I decide to listen to new songs, before I become too outdated.

I just found that songs on Billboard are so different from what I usually listen. They are fast ,complicated, high density music, with very emotional, straightfoward lyrics, and they use rap and electroacoustic a lot. Musical taste of the time is changing so fast. I feel like an outdated old man already.

Youtube pushs me similar contents all the time, like all the websites do. This algorithm is so boring. What I want is something totally different, something new. Similar contents make me dull.

Beautiful night. Street is quiet nearly no one else here. The moon shines like golden ship lonely across the ocean of night sky, colorful light of bright stars though depth of millions of light years in the ocean of infinity.

There's a difference between resting from political discussions and attempting an apolitical life. An apolitical life is one of tacit approval for the status quo, and is rightfully condemned by all as an unjust privilege only a select few have access to. But resting from political action is actually a powerfully political act of preserving strength, being tactical, and striking an active blow against the moral exhaustion that Fascism thrives on.

Oh, D disk is still safe, only my user folder is gone. Not too bad.

My laptop makes me mad every few months. Just now, my windows was broken, when I restarted, my accout switched to "TEMP". With some “repairing” I found from the internet, I finally got my accout back, but all the documents was deleted ! Now my laptop becomes a new one again.

Everytime before I talk with my adviser, I get nervous. But I have to go to his office to discuss my project asap, or I would be too nervous to do it.

@sternenschwein Jean Vanier is a good Catholic theologian when it comes to disability. He started the L'Arche houses, a program where you don't have to be Catholic to be in it, where people with intellectual disabilities n fully able folx live together in a communal house.
Guy Gutierrez has a work on liberation theology that is beautiful. He is one of the founder and goes in depth into what it is. Simone Weil never officially joined the church, but is a beautiful mystic and political theologian

On twitter, there is nothing but politics, politics, politics, and it made me anxious everytime I open it. So I decide to return to mastodon these days. It seems better here.

Always find it interesting to read books. But hard to make friends with people, so my life is mostly boring.

Politics in China 

Politics in China 

Xinjiang Victims' Database (suppression of Uighur peoples in PRC 

I just found an interesting video, to teach Chinese chess in English. I like Chinese chess very much, and I am one of the best Chinese chess players in my university. Any one interested in it?
“How to Play Chinese Chess - Xiangqi”

April will be a good month for me. Good time to be a fool and fool myself.

Is there a good handbook of mathematical integration? So hard to handle integration equations when reading paper.

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