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One thing hard for me is to guess abbreviations on others' toots. Even Google translator cannot tell me. Google search and Wiki may give me multiple answers, but still hard to choose which one is right.

@sternenschwein ML
it could be machine learning
it could also be Marxism-Leninism

it is not always possible to tell from context

@Sargoth @sternenschwein I wish I was reading more of the things you are, if you can't tell from context

@Sargoth Thanks a lot. When ML refers to machine learning, I think I can tell, but Marxism-Leninism is really hard to guess.

@sternenschwein this. Took me a long time to realise what "ec" because I've only seen people typing it completely for a long time.
What confuses you?

@charlag Quite a lot of them. For example, OTOH. Google translator told me that the word is from Indonesia, made me really confused. I just found it means "on the other hands" :D And what is the meaning of "ec"? I do not know it either.

@sternenschwein oh yeah, OTOH confused me for a long time too.
ec is for eye contact, it's a content warning.

@sternenschwein don't be shy about asking people directly to explain a word/abbreviation you don't understand! we're from lots of different fields and language contexts, i think it's important to be open and friendly about explaining terms to others :)

@hvincent Thanks a lot. I will try to ask more when a abbreviation confuses me. Sometimes it is the only way to make things clear.

@sternenschwein this is very true, it's super easy to slip into the habit of using abbreviations and they're often very ambiguous...

@noctiluca I seldom use abbreviations. My problem is reading them..

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