Hi all! I'm a faculty member in the School of Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Iowa. I do research on bicycle/pedestrian safety and travel behaviour. Previously worked as an engineer in various aspects of aviation.

When I'm not working I like riding bikes, flying gliders and doing a bit of sim racing. (transportation bleeds into my hobbies too I guess)

I've mainly avoided social media in the past, but going to give it a shot here.

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@stevenspears Hi, Steven, I hope you like this place. I've been on it for some time and think highly of the people here.

@stevenspears Welcome!
What kind of bicycles do you like?
I have an old raleigh as my beater road bike, and a decent jamis touring bike

@Cyborgneticz Thanks! My poor Diamondback commuter has been sitting in the garage for almost a year now, but it's probably glad not to be abused in the Iowa winter. I also have a nice Specialized road racing bike and a Kona cyclocross bike - that one is set up singlespeed at the moment. Last year a bought a used Niner MTB and so glad I did. It's been just the thing when I can't ride with friends. I'm sure the Jamis is a lot of fun - I'm looking forward to getting back to long rides!

@stevenspears A good commuting bike is so nice. Ooh konas are brilliant.
I really really want to get an All City Space Horse or a Surly Crosscheck. How do you like your cyclocross?

@Cyborgneticz I know several folks here who have Crosschecks and love them. The Kona has been great. It's a Private Jake, so it has sliding dropouts - easily switchable from singlespeed to gears. A little heavy for racing cx, but a great gravel bike for sure.

@stevenspears Ooh that's nice.
I don't race, I just have seizures and live in places with bad roads, and a cross would be so nice for that.

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