I swear every day God's hand is just getting closer to smiting us our of reality...Just why?

Just found out about this guy making $801 USD a MONTH via Patreon to create a Underwater City for Hamsters WTF? Honestly it makes me debate about starting my own Patreon for my single-board computer projects like what is going on in this world?

Anyone know of good E-Readers for Research Papers. When spring coming around soon I want to be reading more outside on the balcony but glare makes that a huge pain

She won't let me nap

My cat: "oh? He's just laying there not doing anything with his hands? What a perfect opportunity to be persistent for pets!"

What Music do you all find nice to listen to while studying or reading? I am a sucker for "American Murder Song" youtube.com/watch?v=8iliZegWiu

PSA for newcomers:

On mastodon, unlike almost every other social media platform, we generally don't pay attention to following to follower ratios. Big leagueing is kinda frowned upon here, so don't be afraid to follow back or just follow anyone you find interesting. Go hog wild!

All the news articles and research papers I've collected and annotated for future reference during the past year (Dr. Pepper Can for scale)

I guess I should do a post as well.

I mostly will post things related to and with a bit of thrown in the mix

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