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Anyone know of good E-Readers for Research Papers. When spring coming around soon I want to be reading more outside on the balcony but glare makes that a huge pain

@bgcarlisle Just googled it. I would love to someday be able to get that but in truth that thing costs more then my RENT, Phone and Power bills COMBINED. Hoping for something $300

@strangehope Yeah I got mine back when it was a kickstarter and it was in that price range

Unfortunately, big e-ink screens are expensive :/

@bgcarlisle Yea, Honestly if it wasn't for the fact the Kindle has god awful PDF support I'd replace my old Kindle [2013 to 2018 RIP] that died after daily useage

@strangehope I have an old cheap Kobo that is perfect for ebooks on the metro

It's substandard for PDF's though because zoom and scroll is slow

@strangehope Possible workaround for some cases:

There are some journals that have "download as epub" as an option

@bgcarlisle @bgcarlisle Yeah someone told me about Kobo and there a app you can side-load "KOReader" for reading PDFs. Don't know anyone IRL who owns a Kobo so can't ask them if they ever used it.

Also far as I know Kobo doesn't have expandable storage as for downloading journals as EPub that would work for the future but I have lots of papers I collected over the years in PDF format that I still sometimes go back to.

@strangehope My 2012 Kobo has a PDF reader built in, without loading any special software

PDF's can start to take up a lot of space, so I only keep epubs on my ereader for any period of time after reading

I tend to use Zotero on the desktop to manage research materials for later reference :zotero:

@bgcarlisle Honestly my EPub collection is over 2000 Books [Mostly thanks to stuff like Humble Bundles and that] and is only 3GB, Part of me wonders what would happen if I just dropped all my books into a Koobo at once

@bgcarlisle As for desktop reference I use Mendeley, Never tried Zotero last time I checked it didn't have a version of Debian Based Linux installs

I just print them.

No notifications, no distractions and the best part is that you can make notes on it with an ordinary pen.

@Breakfastisready I have a bunch printed but I kind of don't want to have to fumble around with the paper copies when it's windy

@strangehope I use a kobo aura one and it's great if i can get epubs and somewhat serviceable with pdfs, just that navigating pdfs is a pain.

i manage refs with zotero (on debian) and epubs with calibre.

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