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Mein Team 🥰 sucht Verstärkung:

* Gadget-Videos-Fan? 📱
* Vllt. sogar selbst How-To-Videos produziert? 🎥
* Bekannt für geduldige Hilfe selbst bei kniffligen Tech-Problemen? 😎
* Profi-Bughunter? (Wir unterstützen ) 💻

TV-L 11, leider befristet auf 2 Jahre

Wo? An der (🏡 of #FrOSCon) in #SanktAugustin im schönen Rheinland (bei #Bonn #köln #Siegburg) -


#Stellenanzeige #Job

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Heute kennengelernt:

Eine öffentlich (u.a. BMWi, EU) geförderte, DSGVO-konforme, auf deutschen Servern liegende Möglichkeit, ohne Anmeldung Echtzeit-Feedfack (Quiz, Chat, "Panik-Buttons") für Veranstaltungen einzurichten.

/via Fachstelle Öffentliche Bibliotheken NRW

#Echtzeit #Feedback #Chat #Quiz #Lehre #Tool #Online #NoRegistrationRequired

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Fortbildung in Bibliotheken hat heute auf ein weiteres nützliches Werkzeug für die Lehre hingewiesen [1]:

* kollaboratives Whiteboard
* Uhr
* Timer
* Zufallsgenerator
* Ampel

Entwickelt von Laurens Koppers aus den Niederlanden. Wo die Daten liegen, habe ich auf die schnelle nicht gesehen.


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If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how

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New instance feature on Scholar Social 

(You may need to refresh your browser for this to work for you)

Use \ ( and \ ) to include \(\LaTeX\) inline in your posts (without the spaces) and use \ [ and \ ] for display mode

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Hi! I'm Dr. Christopher Madan, an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Nottingham. Am also on Twitter (

My research uses a mix of cognitive psychology, neuroimaging, and computational modeling. My main focuses are memory, brain morphology, decision making, aging, and dementia.

While I'm in the UK now, I am Canadian and have held academic positions in Canada, Germany, USA, and now UK.

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Can someone recommend a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) that runs on Linux? Preferably FOSS.

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CC Search

Search content free of rights or in public domain on selected websites (including Google and YouTube).

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The Rebus Foundation, publisher of open textbooks and other open educational resources, is hiring: a Marketing Manager and a Product Manager. See here for more information!

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Hello world! I'm an assistant professor at who studies the of computer science education. I focus on gender issues in and policies in CS education that lead to gender inequality.

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Hello everyone, I'm a librarian in Berlin; professionally interested in ILS for the past couple of years and personally interested in all sorts of self-hosted . Social science research bridges my home and work life.

A Coursera course of Yale University "The Science of Well-Beeing" starts on 11th of June:

Video content and some of the course materials can be viewed for "free" as a guest - if I'm interpreting the FAQ right. Of course, an Coursera account is neccessary.

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I'm researching and IT at University of Turku. I'm doing my PhD on Freedom of Speech on the Internet, with a focus on the morality of web censorship. I'm interested in new technologies, , and .

Giving Mastodon a try, here.

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I went from Jaiku to Twitter to here.

I am a mom, babywearer and member of . I like doing yoga and mindfulness, and also less often than I should.

I work as an university lecturer/researcher and am currently working on my PhD about in Journalism studies.

Hi there!

Sheila Webber draws attention to a free webinar by the ACRL on June 6th in her Information Literacy Weblog [1]. Titel of the Webinar is "Critical Reading for Learning and Social Change". Unfortunatelly, a registration is needed:

[1] information-literacy.blogspot.

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Hey all, this is my #introductions post! I'm Ezra Sloane (@fir because it's a three letter word - I thought having a three-letter tag would be cool). I like to read #comics and #graphicnovels... a lot. I'm actually learning #art specifically so I can draw my own, but I'm not quite there yet.

I like reading #specfic and #weirdfiction and I sometimes also write it, though I haven't posted any stories anywhere. I also really like #tabletop rpgs and #worldbuilding custom settings for them.

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The Open Education Research Group is accepting applications for their next round of Research Fellows:

You can apply here:

Deadline: June 1

I held this fellowship a couple of years ago and it was great!

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