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Just a little : I'm Alessio, from Italy. Come from a language background but currently a computer science student. new here and excited to build a little community of people with similar interests and/or worldview 🥰

well, that most certainly was a night last night.

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If you wanted the online service X to be ads-free and not collect and resell your personal data, how much should you pay to make up for their lost revenue?

It's a question has been roaming in my head for a while, and today I've decided to try and collect some rough data to come up with a price tag.

#Facebook's ads revenue in 2021 was almost $115B. The platform has about 1.9B daily active users, and 2.9B monthly active users.

($115e9 / 2.9e9) / 12 = $3.3 per month

Do we want to assume instead that most of the ads revenue comes from the daily active users, and the fraction from those who login every other week or so is negligible? No problem:

($115e9 / 1.9e9) / 12 = $5 per month

Would you be happy to pay up to $5 to use a social network that connects you to the whole world, but that doesn't hoard your personal data like a junkie, doesn't resell your personal data to controversial actors like Cambridge Analytica, and doesn't profit from targeted ads that push people towards extremism?

Many prefer to see a few ads and don't mind what is done with their data, as long as the service is free. Many, instead, would surely prefer to pay $5 a month, if that's the price to pay to buy Facebook's respect for your data.

The main problem is: why aren't we even given that choice?

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non-toxic masculinity
edible masculinity
organic masculinity
BPA-free masculinity
gluten and dairy free masculinity
free rage masculinity

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"Real men" implies complex men, surreal men, and integer men.

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Would the opposite of malarkey be bonarkey

Opinions on Anki? Kinda wondering if I need it 🤔

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you're telling me a cis teen painted this chapel

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If we called it “applied statistics” instead of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” we’d probably get fewer people asking if the computer is alive.

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...and I failed this exam. oh well. try again September I guess

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nsfw, norsk 

this is my new favorite pair of socks

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dear people who design cities
i wish you a very please plant as many trees along roads as you can

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hot take but I think it's fine to have had a problematic 4chan phase. You just have to come clear to yourself that 4chan is basically a supervector for mind poison and it's not just the abhorrent explicit ideology that you have to expel from your brain. It's also the slang, the memes, the communication patterns, the culture, everything

covid rant 

A friend’s dad turned positive on Sat and my friend tested neg on Sun so he decided to come to uni on Mon and didn't even mention it until he was already there (and therefore too late!) Obv come Tue he had a sore throat and surprise surprise he turned out positive. How do people still fail to grasp the concept of incubation period after 2 years of pandemic?! Now I gotta miss seeing my friends on Fri and potentially a friend’s graduation because this asshat didn’t think to isolate 🤦‍♂️


#164 5/6 (100%)

It’s so hot in Italy I’m having to shower twice a day 🫠 fml

Gratitude to Mastodon ❤️ 

I’m so glad that people on here use content warnings before talking about US politics.

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