May I do some advertising here? :D Nordicom just published this book edited by Prof. Josef Trappel and myself, The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021: How leading news media survive digital transformation. It brings reports on the media landscape in 18 countries, addressing their structural conditions to fulfilling democratic demands. Open access on the website of the publisher:

Vol 1:
Vol 2:

#Arktis: Das Eis schwindet

Schon Anfang Juni offenes Wasser nur wenige 100 Kilometer vom #Nordpol.
Wie in den letzten Jahren inzwischen normal liegt seine Ausdehnung deutlich unter dem was noch in den 1980er- und 1990er-Jahren für diese Zeit üblich war.

#Klimakrise #Kryosphäre

The longer you keep your phone the more lightly it would have tread the earth, so think twice when you want to buy a new phone. Do you really need a new phone? The truth is, the most #sustainable phone is the one you already own – so make it last. 🌍 📱


Along with a colleague, @dzulli , I'm conducting a survey of Mastodon developers, admins, and users. If you would, please take our survey:

We're focusing on "freedom of expression."

For more info on the survey, see


I've not been here for a while and might have missed something: where has gone??

an important report has just been published by my friend emmi: The Decentralized Web of Hate

"Fascists (and other bad actors) are [...] hosting manifestos resiliently, raising money anonymously, communicating securely to organize attacks, sharing weapons plans, and networking to build out their numbers."

"We cannot abandon p2p technology but we also can't ignore the risks. The only way out is through."


Ich kann einfach nicht aufhören zu lachen, dieses völlige Unverständnis in seinem Gesicht... 😂😂😂


This is gold. 😂


Looking forward to reading this.

A #Green Recovery: The Case for #Climate-Forward Stimulus Policies in America’s #COVID-19 Recession Response

By Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Kristina Karlsson, Kitty Richards, Bracken Hendricks, David Arkush

Ich finde es wird viel zu wenig über #Microsoft geredet, wenn es um die Big Evil in der Tech-Branche geht. Viel zu häufig geht es meist um #Google, #Facebook und #Amazon, während es MS stets schafft sich der größten Kritik zu entziehen. Dabei ist es insbesondere MS, die nicht nur in den USA, sondern auch in anderen Teilen der Welt, den Polizeistaat erst so richtig ausbauen, mit Massenüberwachung, Gesichtserkennung, Polizeiroboter, Drohnen und anderen Dingen, die es der Polizei erlauben werden, praktisch in jedem Bereich der Stadt zu patrouillieren, ohne auch nur einen Fuß in diese zu setzen.

Intercept hatte dazu in diesem Sommer einen ausführlichen Artikel geschrieben. Ende Juli habe ich mitgeholfen diesen ins Deutsche zu übersetzen:

With the #DigitalServicesAct #DSA we want to stop the seemingly arbitrary censorship and user expulsion by ad platforms (aka "social networks"). Share your experience with us by Sunday (example below):

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Maybe we should stop calling them users and start saying: monetization tagrets.

#SaaS is really different from general purpose computing. While it is convenient it doesn't empower people, it takes away their autonomy.

The #onlineharms Bill heading to Parliament aims to undermine #encryption and risks overreaching into everyday communications in private messaging apps, says Heather Burns, ORG’s new policy manager. #privacy

US police violence mention 

In light of the recent killing of Walter Wallace Jr by the Philadelphia police, I took the liberty of making a $100 donation to the Philly Bail Fund on behalf of

Others with the means to do so are also encouraged to help out however they can, proportionate to their ability

Switching to Chrome because you think Mozilla isn't strict enough about FLOSS or privacy is like a protest vote for Trump.



My new university job really, really values giving talks and lectures.

So, I'm going to offer my services as a speaker or lecturer.

I've given talks at universities like Oregon, Texas, Calgary, and Alberta.

I'd be happy to talk about my research about the , , or (including Mastodon), among other topics.

Obviously, I'm happy to do these via videoconference. DM me or email (robertwgehl at protonmail)

Esse princípio vale também quando culpamos "tecnologias" por uma política de que não gostamos. Condição político-econômica e a cultura são muito mais decisivas. Tecnologia pode favorecer mudança nessas variáveis, mas é mais provável que ela mesma seja resultado dessas condições.

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