I'll be talking about the pandoc-based, open source journal publishing pipeline we built for JOSS at the upcoming JATS-Con on May 3.
Registration is still open.

@jcolomb Hahaha, it *is* fairly quiet :) Also, this here is my third "toot"(?) in three years.

@lift @robert_winkler pandoc is a universal document converter. E.g., with pandoc one can write in a lightweight, pure text format like Markdown, and produce beautiful PDF or Word docx output. It gives authors freedom of choice and could help reshape current academic publishing models.

See also pandoc.org and our paper (peerj.com/articles/cs-112/) for details.

Hi y'all! I'm a molecular and computational biologist who is nowadays developing a computer algebra system for a living. I'm interested in all things "open-science" and help to develop pandoc in my free time. Co-authored pandoc-scholar with @robert_winkler

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