OK, now that I've untangled in the the entries for the two ancient Leontopoleis in the Nile delta ... I'm gonna stagger into the weekend.

Cheers to @serviliusahala, the EES Delta Survey website, and the Archaeocosmos project for helping alert me to the problem and then helping me find a path out of the mess we inherited from some legacy data.



I see that the Centre for Classical Studies at the University of Lisbon has announced that Silvia Tantimonaco and Catarina Gaspar will be organizing a second "International Summer School: Epigraphy for the Study of the Latin Language" online via Zoom, 25-29 July 2022.

"Latin skills are highly desirable. Previous knowledge of Latin Epigraphy is not required."

Register and pay fees by 1 June 2022.


Yay! There's a new paper out on ancient inscribed boundary markers!

Calderón Sánchez, Macarena. “Los Ὅροι de Beocia Que Delimitan Tierra Sagrada Del Dios Dioniso.” Euphrosyne 49 (January 2021): 65–76. doi.org/10.1484/J.EUPHR.5.1287.

"When, in ancient Greece, monuments that confirm the presence of sacred areas are not preserved, it is difficult to differentiate these sacred zones from those that were not. However, epigraphic texts ..."

TFW a couple years ago you posted a cry for help on the web for a dead application you don't have the time/focus to recode and, out of nowhere, somebody sends you a link to the new version they built and asks about open-licensing it. :BlobCatHeart:

I also discuss "Pleiades URIs" in context here:

Elliott, Tom. “The Pleiadic Gaze: Looking at Archaeology from the Perspective of a Digital Gazetteer.” In Classical Archaeology in the Digital Age – The AIAC Presidential Panel. Propylaeum, 2021. doi.org/10.11588/PROPYLAEUM.70.

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I am rumored to be the sort of person who delivers unsolicited homilies on the importance of stable (and "cool") URIs.

Here's the Pleiades definition, which has some links: pleiades.stoa.org/help/what-ar

To which one should always probably add the archetypal pronouncement on the subject:

Berners-Lee, Tim. “Cool URIs Don’t Change.” W3C Hypertext Style, ca 2000. w3.org/Provider/Style/URI.

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Specifically: today's tranche of published place resources comprise the major interior walls of the so-called "assembly hall" from Dura's synagogue, which dates to the third century of the current era. These resources, in addition to providing accurate, reusable coordinates, mint stable URIs for the walls that can serve in assertions about the original locations of decorative and architectural components now lost or in musuems.


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I've just gleefully published the latest contributions from our friends at the Yale Dura-Europos Archive project. They're pushing the boundaries of linked (geo-and-other) data for modeling/realizing machine-actionable urban gazetteers for ancient spaces, the excavated/remaining and portable/removed/lost/archived and objects therefrom.



job: 3-year research associate: Understanding Written Artefacts: Hamburg 

I see that the “Understanding Written Artefacts” Cluster of Excellence at the University of Hamburg is soliciting applications for three-year Research Associates who will pursue independent research projects of their own design. The term of the post is November 2022 - December 2025. Application packages are due 15 June 2022. See further: uni-hamburg.de/stellenangebote

earworm: the only known "Christian-football waltz" and a minor web devops mini-rant 

Humming 🎼 “Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal-posts of life …” 🎶 as I type `sudo service varnish restart` ...

We have two more fantastic graduates! Congratulations to Dr. Castellano and Dr. Danzig!


Sluka, Victoria. “Urban Expansion and Kurgan Loss in Almaty, Kazakhstan.” Central Asian Archaeological Landscapes (blog), September 2, 2021. uclcaal.org/2021/09/02/urban-e.

plumbing, nerd homeowner 

On the upside, the plumbing clog means I get to not-very-surreptitiously watch the plumber use a fiber-optic rig to "camera" (that's his verb) the line. Something child me could only have dreamed of.

Good morning Fedis! I have the STNG theme stuck in my head. How's your morning going?

rant: msword, html, cleanup, you know 

span span span the crap, until you lose your mind ... merrily merrily merrily, life oh ain't it fine?

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rant: msword, html, cleanup, you know 

And did I mention this is an emergency, unplanned, hurry up, compliance requirement?

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rant: msword, html, cleanup, you know 

Oh, don't mind me, just cleaning an HTML file for import into the CMS that has collaborative editing and review functionality, which HTML file is an export from a Word file that's been modified by a bunch of people and sent around in email and used manual formatting instead of track changes and that was clearly created from an earlier word file that must go back years and that somebody who doesn't know how word styles worked set up originally. La la la.

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