rant: msword, html, cleanup, you know 

span span span the crap, until you lose your mind ... merrily merrily merrily, life oh ain't it fine?

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rant: msword, html, cleanup, you know 

And did I mention this is an emergency, unplanned, hurry up, compliance requirement?

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rant: msword, html, cleanup, you know 

Oh, don't mind me, just cleaning an HTML file for import into the CMS that has collaborative editing and review functionality, which HTML file is an export from a Word file that's been modified by a bunch of people and sent around in email and used manual formatting instead of track changes and that was clearly created from an earlier word file that must go back years and that somebody who doesn't know how word styles worked set up originally. La la la.

place identity: Indigenous and colonizers' names 

Oaster, Brian. “How Place Names Impact the Way We See Landscape.” High Country News, 54.5, May 1, 2022. hcn.org/issues/54.5/people-pla.

"Place names and the stories behind them define how we perceive and connect to landscape. But we live in a world populated by places named for colonizers... Can we even see the land underneath those names, in all its complexities? And what is the impact on the mind — especially the Indigenous mind — of..."

For new folks, you can get a daily dose of direct from the primary sources by checking out @ryanfb's : he posts an ancient document on dated to today's date in a year long ago. Today's post concerns an allegation of clerical error (with financial consequences) in official pottery accounts in third century BCE Egypt: botsin.space/@ryanfb/108311721

cultural heritage destruction: ISIS, Nineveh 

I just added an article to the entry for the ancient site of Nineveh:

Campana, Stefano, Matteo Sordini, Stefania Berlioz, Massimo Vidale, Rowaed Al-Lyla, Ammar Abbo al-Araj, and Alessandro Bianchi. “Remote Sensing and Ground Survey of Archaeological Damage and Destruction at Nineveh during the ISIS Occupation.” Antiquity 96.386 (April 2022): 436–54. doi.org/10.15184/aqy.2022.14.


Monday morning thoughts: May the coffee be with you.

online lecture: Central Asia and the role of digital heritage inventories 

I see that the Centre for at University College London is publicizing an online lecture entitled "Central Asia and the role of digital inventories". The speaker is Tim Williams (Professor of at UCL Institute of Archaeology). The lecture will occur at 19 May 2022, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm London time. More information and to register in advance (required): ucl.ac.uk/digital-humanities/e

help req: unicode windows chrome 

In the , we've recently started including some names in the Linear B writing system (supported in Unicode). Our font family is NotoSans. The names appear fine on recent MacOS with FF, Chrome, and Safari, and on recent Windows FF, but not in recent Windows Chrome (or Edge). Anybody know if there's an up-to-date workaround for this scenario?

Example page: pleiades.stoa.org/places/23877

quotidian academia: building management 

We have a new, promising contender for "ticket of the year":

"There is a very confused pigeon in the large conference room. The windows are open, but it doesn’t seem to be able to figure out how to get to them."

uspol: primary voter guides for southern states 

Southerly Mag has put together a links list to voter guides and candidate information in upcoming primary elections across the American south: southerlymag.org/2022/05/06/vo

Thanks to a boost by @SerThomas , I see that the Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte (State of ) in Halle (in Germany's Sachsen-Anhalt state) is now in the fediverse: mastodon.social/@MuseumHalle/1

It is the current home (among other things) of the famous "Nebra Sky Disk".

Hey @steko, is gortinabizantina.it/ gone forever? Wayback's last capture was recent (web.archive.org/web/2022031211), so I guess it was moribund since your post in December 2011?

Lazyweb query. Do I know anybody who has successfully set up Drupal with Apache and mySQL on Ubuntu LTS in AWS and has had to work through (and remembers how) mySQL install errors for which all the stackoverflow howtos don't work? Colleague and I could use a pointer or two if you've got 'em.

botsin.space is down again (at least the mastodon UI)

All hail Sagittarius A*! The abyss, the fire, 'round which we dance!

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