Hello everyone, my name is Tamara (she/her), I am a PhD student in cultural anthropology and my research focusses on the development of artificial intelligence in the context of humanoid robotics. To really get a grasp of what is going on, I also study computer science and program parts of the robots’ software myself.

I am new here and would love to connect with people working on similar or related topics!

Hi Tamara, glad to see you around.

Hope you find interesting people here. Mastodon keeps me in the good mood, and I'm learning almost everyday.

@tgupper I'm not working in any official capacity or academia, but I'm doing my best to do some work in the intersection of social work and IT systems engineering. How do we go about building and onboarding people to systems that are equitable, accessible, and empowering.

Glad to have you on the fediverse!

@tgupper I am not working in this field, but would love to read about it. Welcome, Tamara.

@tgupper Hi Tamara, welcome! Very interesting topic, what kind of research questions do you seek to answer? I do privacy and artificial intelligence research, and since I started to attend the Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Privacy (,, I am more interested in the social sciences part of AI technology. I really liked the lecture given by Lina Dencik in 2018 about how systems include both the technical components, and the (social) contexts of their users.

HI there
That's fascinating activity

Hope you'll enjoy the place

@tgupper Greetings, and welcome!

Out of pure curiosity, and only if you choose to share the information, which institution is hosting your studies?

@tgupper my research interests seem pretty different from yours, but I also do cultural anthropology!

@tgupper Welcome! that's a super cool topic of research 😮

@tgupper Welcome! I think we share the same basic methods -- we have to run the tech in order to understand the social relations happening around it.

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