Thanks a lot to the organizers of , it really was a great event! It was amazing to hear so many fascinating talks, and even better to meet some of you whom I have only known through your toots so far. It was an honor to moderate @bcallah’s talk and thank you to @ckohtala for moderating mine! Can’t wait for next year’s SummerSchool!

Hello everyone! This Thursday, on August 5 at 8:00 am UTC, I will be presenting about the concept of artificial intelligence at Scholar.Social’s summer school. My two main points will be a conceptualization of the line drawn between “AI” and “just code”, and the relation between concepts of AI and concepts of humans. It would be great to see many of you there, so please sign up for it if you haven’t already!

@jaranta I have one and I love it! It has since become more of a holder for papers I still need to have a look at though

@dorian Let me know if you find something that works! I'd also be interested

Maybe you already know it (for me is a nice surprise): there is a free (pdf) book download website that belongs to Open Humanities Press with complete books within several series in regards philosophical, ecological, tech, media, themes.

The series are edited by some known people and most of them are in Spanish, French and English:

How my projects end up in a museum? I'll show you in my latest video. Premiere starts in 10 mins! Would love to see you in the chat <3

Enquête : Transmasculinités Féministes 


Bonjour à tou·tes,

Je suis un étudiant trans* en master d'études de genre, et je réalise une enquête sociologique sur les féminismes des garçons trans* et des personnes non-binaires transmasculines.

C'est une enquête "par et pour", grâce à laquelle j'espère dégager des pistes théoriques pour le militantisme transféministe.

Si ça t'intéresse de participer, n'hésite pas à m'envoyer un DM ! :)

@Cyborgneticz why would they need your fingerprints? I mean, what are they going to do with them?

@KatLH I would also assume they mean CEST ... Where is the institution which hosts the event located? If it is within the CEST time zone, you are probably safe to go with that.

@jaranta @Cyborgneticz Wow, I didn't know that!! Thanks for the info, I will look out for it from now on!

Just opened a book detailling an empirical study on social robots. Saw that the first page of the first chapter is a summary of a fictional movie. Then closed the book and put it on the list of negative examples.

We REALLY need to stop using fiction as the basis of our arguments when writing about robotics. (Unless their representation in fiction is the research question.)

@kimreece I'd love to hear about the second! I think this is a huge problem for finding literature in the humanities, but I am suprised it also is in mathematics.

New fav. Quote: "We build our computer systems the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins." -- Ellen Ullman

One real advantage of all academic events happening online is that you can take part in many different events held in different places in one day. Tomorrow I’ll be starting with a workshop held in Southern Germany in the morning, then listen to a lecture in Central Germany half an hour later, and spend the evening listening to talks and discussions in Atlanta!

@kclegacion That sounds really interesting! Which methods will you use for your research?

Hi, Hi fediverse!
Mark here from Delft, Netherlands. I just started a PhD to research socio-technical enablers/inhibitors of software testing. In the next 4 years I will look into how and why developers do (not) test software. I am particularly interested in the social dimensions of this which is why I'm also curious to learn more about ethnographic research methods.

Looking forward to be a part of the community to connect and share insights!

Hey 👋 Quick PSA for people working/interested in , , , , , or any other Cognitive Science related field:

You can get a year of Pay What You Can membership to the Cognitive Science Society (meaning: if you can’t afford the membership, no problem... it’s free!) 👇

Research presentation 

@autistic_anthropologist Does your uni offer zoom licences? I've had the same problem and decided to record myself using zoom, where you can set a background image. I used a picture of the campus, but you could also use your poster!

I will be presenting my work on privacy-respecting artificial intelligence for a non-expert audience at Falling Walls Lab Leuven on April 1st

@monroym It is indeed a very interesting topic!

Thank you very much for the great discussion, I really enjoyed it! I hope to continue a similar one some time soon :)

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