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Aaron Smith :camera::joystick: @theartguy

@q_aurelius If I did not care about job security, I'd send an email to all the staff claiming to be the fictional Tim Harris, an AI awakened by sloppy coding and mass emails.

It would really mess with at least one person's head, but I'd want another (better) job lined up before I did that.

@q_aurelius How much would it ruin their QA if you replied to each email, or at least a significant number of them?

@noelle I know how to respond. I say goodbye. Between Mastodon and Wordpress (And even the birdsite, if I'm being honest) there is nothing there that I cannot get elsewhere. Verizon will only make it worse from here on.

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@noelle Yay!

I mean, I hate Verizon with a passion, but they're better than satellite internet so I'm happy for you!

@wanderingELT I was still getting false positives, though. Eventually turned it off because it considered replies to people on other instances as links.

Birds love the feeder I put out for them so much that they go to it even if I'm just a few feet away. If I get my camera out, though, they fly off. This is the best shot I can get that isn't through a window.

aaronbsmith.com/photos/2017/06 scholar.social/media/VI-nUDHF1

I had several students this year who played chess against each other instead of doing my assignments. This gave me mixed feelings.

Schools teach chess to help ‘difficult’ pupils concentrate theguardian.com/education/2017

"To build is to know."


Really wish Adam Savage had a Mastodon account. As it stands he's one of the remaining bright points on Twitter, just like he was one of the remaining bright points on TV while Mythbusters was still a thing.

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"Only include the work you want to get hired to do more of."
... I'm going to need a new portfolio.

Throw Away Your Best Work, or: How to Create a Portfolio petapixel.com/2017/06/23/throw

I haven't had the opportunity to try taking photos of stars since I was in the middle of a Canadian campground decades ago. I live far too close to cities and airports to try this, but I'd like to.

Improve Your Astrophotography Focus With a Bahtinov Mask petapixel.com/2017/06/23/impro