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Aaron ๐Ÿ’ญ @theartguy@scholar.social

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Adventures in Linux Show more

Adventures in Linux Show more

Either I'm doing this right or I'm bricking my new (to me) laptop, and I won't know which until it's done.


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whipped up some Creative Commons emoji for mastodon! Images taken from the CC downloads page here > creativecommons.org/about/down

:cc: the Creative Commons icon
:cc_by: Attribute work
:cc_sa: Share Alike
:cc_remix: Allow remixing
:cc_share: Share
:cc_nd: No Derivatives
:cc_ncus: Non-Commercial Dollar
:cc_nceu: Non-Commercial Euro
:cc_ncjp: Non-Commercial Yen
:cc_pd: Public Domain
:cc_zero: Creative Commons Zero

Learn how to use the licenses here! creativecommons.org/licenses/

When I do timed activities with my students, I ask my phone to set the time starting with "OK, Google..."

So far, every primary class where I've done this has resulted in students arguing about if I was using Siri or Alexa.

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New in this version:

* Sumpin'


* Something

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what happened to CWing politics on mastodon?

No observation today. Will NOT be Wed or Thurs due to a field trip and my auditions, so IF I'm being observed it will be Friday.