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My privacy policy is that I will forget who you are and everything about you if you change your avatar

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LB: THIS * ∞

Had our art show last night. Heard a lot of praise for student talent. More than once I had to assert

"They worked really hard."

"This shows a lot of practice."

"[Visual Art Teacher] has high standards and pushes the students to reach them."

Rather than launch into a rant about education, I will say simply this:

When you praise someone - anyone - for a successful project, PLEASE praise the WORK they put into the project, including the training they went through to be able to do the work - and NOT their "talent" or "smartness" or "giftnedness".

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There is a note pinned up next to the void:
"The void holds no data about you, does not wish to contact you, and does not care who you are, or what you scream."
Somehow, I find this oddly comforting. I leave, without screaming.
#GDPR #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

LB: The best thing Yahoo ever did with Tumblr was leave it alone. Verizon is a horrible company and I've no interest in seeing them earn another dime off of me.

Tumblr tried to sneak in data collection under the radar. After a few taps, you can get a list of who they're sharing data with.

The list takes 19 screenshots to see all the names on my phone.


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@theartguy Huh. I thought I typed that in the CW part.

There are two kinds of people...

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Intentional Doctorate Misconception Show more

Let's see what today will bring.

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Hey, Linux users and researchers: any recommendations on a program? I used Calizo in the past (calizo.sourceforge.net/) but it's been abandoned and no longer works on modern systems.

I would like to avoid web-based systems and instead have the data on my machine.