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Aaron Smith 📷 @theartguy

@bgcarlisle Films, plural? Certainly not! One can never fit everything from a novel into a single movie, but if they spread it into multiples they'd have to add additional content.

And you know they'd add characters that only appeared in the LotR adaptation just to sell extra ticketses.

Yes ... ticketses ... my precious...

I found a new shiny thing to play with: an open source game engine called Godot: godotengine.org/

Also, the "Waiting for Godot" jokes that can be made are going to amuse me to no end.

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5th grade is storyboarding commercials. One girl's commercial is for a flying scooter that has been purchased by over 999 billion people so far.

... I did not cover market saturation in this lesson.

@bgcarlisle Isn't that just pandering to the selfie stick industry?

(*shoves growing collection of selfie sticks out of view*)

Last night a winged insect got into the apartment.

My cat jumped all around, trying to get close to it and chirping.

By "all around," I mostly mean "over me, repeatedly." I was sitting next to the only light source in the room, and you know how bugs are.

He has no idea what to do with prey once he catches it, though. For him, it's the thrill of the chase.

Or the thrill of standing on my head and shoulder for the height advantage.

@bgcarlisle "If everyone would just find a solution to [problem] that doesn't involve saying 'If everyone would just....'"

@bgcarlisle "If everyone would just find a solution to [problem] that doesn't involve saying 'If everyone would just....'"

My school has never had so many teachers eager to have students submit work online.

Consequently, I have never had to field so many questions about student logins not working - most from parents of students I do not have.

The logins will be fixed and the learning will continue, but it's a rough week.

@jjg Turning social media posts into gold.

Today I am in a funk that I can't seem to shake, even working with awesome teachers and students. This troubles me.

@Sargoth That said, I would appreciate fewer "Millenials are killing _____" articles.

If nothing else, a reminder that someone else having written about something is not necessarily a reason not to write your own take

Email from a parent telling you how excited their child is to share what they have learned is one of the best ways to start the day.

My goal this year is to not be needed. Today, as students asked for help, I directed them to other students who could assist.

A lot of progress was made, and I had more time to help students with unique issues. Not near my goal, not yet, but this is a start.

@dogtrax I'm afraid that ship has sailed, but thank you.

Teaching at a K-8 school means not one but TWO Back To School Nights! Yay!

Yesterday was for Middle School. Tonight's for Elementary. Friday I might be driving up to Pennsylvania to see my mom as she recovers from surgery.

... I think I might be able to squeeze 2 minutes of sleep in there somewhere.

Google Play will let you preorder The Emoji Movie for $14.99 which shows that optimism lives on even in these dark times.

Update: My mom is recovering well. Was up and walking 24 hours after the operation, and was moved out of critical care this weekend. May be going home today or tomorrow, though she has a month of recovery ahead of her.