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Aaron Smith πŸ“· @theartguy

Be the collection of star-forged elements you wish to see in the cosmos.

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I have heard so much recent safety talk about the solar eclipse that when I saw a picture of an eclipse on a news site I did my best to not look directly at it.

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Whelp, I am tired, grumpy, lonely, miss my wife immeasurably, and am out of coffee ice cream.

Not all of those problems are of equal importance, but I'm going to point an LCD projector at my bedroom ceiling and beam YouTube videos to it over a Chromecast while I fall asleep. That might help a little.


@bgcarlisle But this site HAS SUCH WONDERFUL ADS TO SHOW YOU ACT NOW YOU'RE A WINNER [diatribe destabilizes into excerpts from the necronomicon]

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