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Racism, Textbooks Show more

My reminder that CW's exist still has some legs on it, apparently.

Just had my first person disagree with me about it, which of course they are free to do.

I'm honestly shocked it took this long.

I don't want to grade any more. Show more

How to find out if you actually have impostor syndrome: a crash course

On November 11 I'll be presenting 3 out of 4 sessions at a local ed tech conference.

I submitted two proposals because I wasn't sure one of them would be good enough. They liked both and asked me if I would be willing to turn one of them into a two session workshop.

I agreed. The sessions are short, and the extra time will be useful.

I still lament that I only get to see one session at this conference, though. I am eating my cake while still wanting to have it.

As I continue to plow through my PD day, I must frequently pause to respond to emails from parents and comments posted in Google Classroom.

Hooray, communication outside of school hours to further learning!

Boo, they're all about students who waited until the assignment was due to try to finish it!

If these students are able to take this situation and internalize it as an opportunity to learn about time management, then I'll still call it a win.

As I use today's professional development time to write up how I intend to improve my students' skills with storytelling (digital or otherwise), I am reminded that Twine is a super awesome open source web based tool for making "choose your own adventure" style stories.

Oh, yeah. Totally using this.

Hashtag 5-7 interests that aren't in your profile:

(I talk about that more using my @Crash account...)

& (R.A. Salvatore, Pratchett, McCaffrey, Pournelle, Scalzi)

(Adam Savage's Still Untitled, Star Talk Radio, Escape Pod, Pseudopod, Dragon Talk, History According to Bob)

No students today so teachers can have professional development.

I am of mixed opinions. Good PD is fantastic, but there are so many things that can go wrong and teachers often make the worst students.

In either case, I needed the break after staying in the building until long after 6pm with students who waited until the last minute to start editing video.

Which reminds me I have paperwork to complete.

Very tempted to cancel my after school program today, but we have a project due tomorrow and my students need time in the lab to finish it.

I can argue that most who need to stay after today were not using class time wisely in the first place, and I'd be right, but I still think that would be a crummy move on my part.

Current Status:

Getting internally worked up about how the "real world" is a separate location from academia, as if we enter a fantasy land with unicorns and dragons by setting foot on campus.

That would be cool, but it doesn't happen.

does muting or blocking account no longer prevent it from showing up in my timeline if someone i follow boosts it? or did it ever? :( #mastodon

Watching an employer mandated video tutorial on password security.

It's ... pretty good, actually. Like, "wish I could assign this to my students" good.

Issue isn't the quality of the advice, but the number of people who don't follow it.

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Did you hear the one about the term paper shoved in the bottom of a backpack? Show more

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* Throws copy of Infinite Jest next to copy of The Neverending Story on the ground beside a cowering librarian *

Infinite? Never-ending? Do you think I wouldn't notice? DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME?