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@theartguy I should clarify: Technically speaking it's always about the students, but since I see these kids in other classes of mine that's a set constant.

My TAG pullout class is quickly turning into one of my favorites. It's not the students - I already see them in other classes during the week.

It's the curriculum.

If all my classes were like this I don't think burnout could be possible.

"Do you think anyone will like my game," she asked me.
I have been teaching my young students how to design and publish video games.
Not one student this year has ever made their own game (altho a few have tinkered w/ Mario Maker).
It's new terrain.
"Yes," I tell her. "Players will like your game. I like your game! Are you ready to publish?"
She stared down at the screen, mulling over her original story adventure game.
She took a deep breath, clicked the key ... and smiled.

My supervisor and her supervisor are coming to watch me teach today, but it's only an informal observation so I should be fine, right? scholar.social/media/NL76fuBv1

I generated a map of a level of the video game I am creating as I help my young students design video games ... We're combining writing (Hero's Journey theme) with game design. mastodon.social/media/BmxJbCJF

The first step towards becoming a crazy cat guy is realizing you're OK with becoming a crazy cat guy.

If you catch me mansplaining, do call it out, but please be gentle. It's literally my job to explain things to people who know less about them than I do. Holding forth on some tech topic is a well-worn groove! 🤓🎓

And now for every teacher's favorite game: How long have I had dry erase marker smudged on my face?

Reminder that even the Google Doodle got on board with . They've changed it again, but you can still find it here: google.com/doodles/celebrating

Had our 2nd TAG puul-out class today. Still not getting the time right for the suggested curriculum, but I've been told not to stress about that.

There were a lot of mistakes made today. There were a lot of lessons learned from these mistakes.

The kids are learning and having fun.

I'm counting this as a win.

> One day a girl college student in Canada asked me to define reality for her, for a paper she was writing for her philosophy class. She wanted a one-sentence answer. I thought about it and finally said, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” That’s all I could come up with. That was back in 1972. Since then I haven’t been able to define reality any more lucidly.

-- Philip K. Dick, 1978, "How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later"


Odd discovery: While some parts of the Google Classroom interface are kind of messed up, I can finally play mp3 files uploaded by students without having to load them in a 3rd party app.

No idea why Chrome wouldn't allow that, but oh what a quality of life improvement.

Giving Firefox Quantum a try. I've heard many good things.

Today feels rough and it isn't 6:30 yet. Time for an emergency sleepy kitty.

His name is Socket and he likes to play fetch.

Use responsibly.


"The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy" –Pinboard

If I cease all communication, look for me under my rather large pile of email.

It's all from the past 48 hours.

This counts as my brief moment where I came up for air. Back to work.

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🎼 Millennials killed the radio star 🎵

"Our concern is not whether a student communicates through a pencil and pen, keyboard, chalkboard, audio transcription device, or other means. Our real hope and goal is for individuals to capture their high-quality thoughts and convey them effectively to others."


Now all we need is for those who write & enforce curriculum to understand that. (I wrote my own, so I lucked out. Others are not so fortunate.)