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Junior dev: "I found the bug"

Senior dev: "I found a bug"

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Slowly I wake from Summer hibernation... Show more

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Trademark troll who claims to own "Dragon Slayer" now wants exclusive rights to book covers where someone is holding a weapon

9 phrases Montessori teachers use to build resilient kids - Motherly mother.ly/child/montessori-phr

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TIL you can get an RSS feed of a Mastodon user's email by going to https://{{instance}}/@{{username}}.rss


DC Mayor Uses First Veto To Stop Chronically Absent Kids From Graduating | The Daily Caller dailycaller.com/2018/07/13/dc-

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Current read: "Technically wrong" by Sara Wachter-Boettcher.

I've barely started and it already feels like a mandatory reading for anyone involved in tech.

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So okay.

Can someone send me links to anti-harassment tech y'all know of? I have a few in mind but like in the realm of ActivityPub, a tool could work.

Please boost.

Anti-Harassment Policy Idea Show more

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If you're building a social platform in 2018 and anti-abuse isn't on your radar, you've got a blind spot the size of your gigantic privileges and should definitely not be building anything, period.