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Aaron :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: @theartguy

"To attract new prison guards, salaries were raised. To attract beginning teachers, perhaps we should pay them more than prison guards."

SC teachers vilified, underpaid in anti-public school state | The State thestate.com/opinion/op-ed/art

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.@theartguy Teachers, prison guards... basically the same thing

@cjd Only if they're really good prison guards or really lousy teachers, but thank you for your insult.

.@theartguy Consider it more a critique of the system than the people in it.

@cjd Systems are made and maintained by people. The teachers I know, the schools I have worked in, the schools I am AWARE of... none of them are prisons.

But again, thank you for generalizing and demeaning my profession as a response to an article that specifically asked for teachers to get a little more respect.

It certainly made the world a little nicer. Job well done.