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Aaron :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: @theartguy

The moral of this story: Don't assume fair use. Assume that if permission isn't given, you need to ask before you use it.

Photographer Sues CBS for Copyright Infringement, CBS Sues Back


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@theartguy Ugh, burn CBS to the ground and modern copyright law with it

@bgcarlisle As a fan of Lessig & Creative Commons I agree copyright law needs reform.

I also posit that if content creators like my students wish to have their creations protected under the law, they need to respect the works of other creators.

TL;DR: We can argue that the sword needs a redesign, but until that happens we need to not hold the pointy end when we use it.

@theartguy I don't think this is a case of a content creator not respecting the work of others, though

Posting stills from TV shows on social media to comment on them is pretty much the definition of "fair use"

This seems more like a case of a nuisance suit designed to frighten other people like the photographer who might be so uppity as to ask for justice when their work is stolen by big corporations