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Restart to update Aaron 💭 @theartguy

As I am designing lessons for next year's curriculum, I am reminded of this thing that I say often during testing season.

If you can use the internet to cheat on my test, it's my fault for making a low quality test.

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@theartguy I wish NCLB hadn't repopularized the memorization-based testing paradigm. "It doesn't matter whether you understand the material as long as you know the right answer to plug in." :/

@noelle As someone whose teaching career started before NCLB, I assure you that memorization based testing has never been unpopular among the vast majority of curriculum writers. It's easier to assess, so it's used as a go-to.

@theartguy True enough; I guess I just see a lot more people talking about it (and their preference for comprehension-based testing) these days.

@noelle That's the rise of PBL (Project Based Learning) you're seeing. Art teachers have been doing that for ages, but it's finally catching on.

Downside is that education as a whole is a lumbering dinosaur, and many of the "reformers" exist to make it worse, not better, so movement in any direction is painful.

@theartguy Amen, me 2. BTW, what did you use to make your imagetext? I am fond of Pablo and Canva. I sorta collect the most useful tools of this kind. Thanks again.

@tellio I used Inkscape, though I made the background using GIMP. I use those programs so often, they're usually faster for me than going to a website where I'll nitpick the settings.

I am aware this is not true for most people.