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Aaron 💭 @theartguy

I took off Binx's "cone of shame." With the placement of her sores, she kept managing to get around it anyway. All the cone was doing was annoying her and keeping her from grooming near her shoulders.

At this point she likely has less than a week to live before the cancer reduces her quality of life below a decent threshold. (Her vet thinks she's already there, but there's still so much light in those eyes.) The sores won't heal by then.

I might as well let her be as comfortable as possible.

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@noelle There is a fine line between not wanting to cut her life short and not wanting to keep her here only to have her suffer. I am not sure where that line is.

@theartguy Yes, you are the expert in the room. I can't count the number of times I have considered the truth behind the old saying: experts on tap, not on top. Use the experts then use your own damned judgment. Went through this over the winter with my big brave Pyrenees, Moby. I know how it goes.