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My goal this year is to make my class more about my students than about the curriculum.

I'm not scrapping the curriculum, not by a long shot, but a lesson on video editing does not need to be called "Video Editing." I can cover the same skills in a lesson where students make vlogs or let's plays.

I am toying with my warm-up activity for some (all?) classes being "What do you want to learn today?" ... With a multiple choice list at times, perhaps. Can't teach about fidget spinners every day, after all.

@theartguy I am negotiating my syllabus with my university students at the start of term. "These are my ideas. If you you don't like them, give me something better that will be educationally valuable."

Also ditched homework done in a lacklustre way and replaced our last -terms assessment with group work making an ad for the university with production folder (storyboarded scripts, evaluation). Shot & edited on phones.

Aaron 💭 @theartguy

@marcjones Phone video can be of very decent quality these days. My students have won awards for videos shot and edited on their phones, mainly because they paid attention to universal skills like composition, camera stabilization, and holding the darned camera so it recorded horizontally.

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