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And exchange with @marcjones reminds me, so I remind you:

Homework is not inherently evil, no matter what an ed guru says on their social media.

MEANINGLESS homework is inherently evil. It is tedious to do and to grade. Meaningful homework exists.

@theartguy Amen to this. I hate students cramming for tests. I want learning journals - essentially learning journeys, documented. Not very popular with my students. I feel that perhaps next year it'll be two projects per semester and the grade comes from that. (I wish I didn't have to letter grade them, but university and pieces of paper).

Aaron 💭 @theartguy

@marcjones I have learned more about a student's strengths & weaknesses from a single project than I have ever learned from a test or quiz. As such, I avoid tests and quizzes whenever possible. Even my final is a rubric-based project.

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