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Aaron 💭 @theartguy

Is it just me, or is scholar.social struggling a bit? I usually get a progress bar now when I attempt to toot. Usually goes through, but not always. Getting some 502 errors as well.

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@theartguy I restarted the server. Any better on your end?

@socrates It is somewhat faster now, yes. Thanks.

@theartguy Mastodon has gotten a bit more memory-intensive over the last few versions

To make scholar.social work, it costs:

* $30 per annum for the domain name
* $60 per annum for a VPS with 1 GB of RAM
* $3 per annum for Amazon S3 (DB backup and media hosting, assuming that the average amount charged for the 4 months we've been up will continue)

The next tier up for VPS is $108 per month for 2 GB of RAM, a difference of $48

@theartguy At least for me, the instance is working well enough that I'm not feeling like shelling out the extra ~ $50

But that may change

1. Should you find the need to upgrade, I for one am willing to chip in. I like it here.
2. The other instance I use, elekk.xyz, is currently performing better, but this may be due to different user activity or configurations. @noelle would be the person to touch base with IRT that.

@theartguy @socrates I don't remember what I'm paying, but that sounds about right. I have 1GB RAM and local backups, but I probably also have a smaller userbase.

@noelle @theartguy At some point I'll have to figure it out, but I haven't clearly thought through what the policy on donations to scholar.social should be yet tbh

How about we see how things are looking at the end of the month, and if necessary, make the upgrade happen?