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Aaron :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: @theartguy

Reminder that unlike on Twitter, Mastodon allows for Content Warnings (CW). These let others decide if they have the mental energy to deal with certain topics (politics, current events, bigotry, etc.) rather than you deciding for them.

You don't have to refrain from talking about those subjects here, but please make frequent use of CWs for those of us who use Mastodon as a refuge.

They're also good for hiding spoilers, joke punchlines, and long rambles, but don't forget their primary usage.

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@theartguy Thanks for the rationale for CW. Good to be reminded especially with ideas that had never occurred to me like using it to hide long rambles.


tooting this text again sometime and tagging with #newbie #advice couldn't hurt, it's good advice for newbies ^_^

@theartguy reminder that CWs are an mastodon-only feature not supported by any other fediverse software.
@dwmatiz @theartguy it's easy to add stuff in there, and as masto is the only actually used AP implementation, it isn't too bad.