Winter break, then back for Tuesday/Wednesday, then Thurs/Fri snow days and the weekend, leave me struggling to get into a "No, you DO actually go to school tomorrow!" mindset.

... which means it will certainly be the same for most/all of my students.

For my 2nd & 3rd grade classes, that won't be too bad. They see my class as recess with computers anyway, so motivating them isn't hard at all.

(Except I just remembered I have conferences tomorrow, so WHOOPS!)

For my 6th/7th/8th grade students... We're going to have to talk about project deadlines. I have given a lot of slack due to performance schedules and wonky internet but we need to get some work in to show that yes, it actually is a class where learning is demonstrated.

@theartguy I remember days like that. And I guess I'm subbing now, so I may have a few this year.

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