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On one hand I like the freedom that custom emoji provide, but on the other I find myself limiting my use of them because they only show up for others on the same instance.

I understand why, of course, but I wish the :dnd: ampersand emoji worked outside of elekk.xyz so I could use it everywhere.

@theartguy I'm very open to suggestion about what custom emojis we have on scholar.social :)

@socrates And that's awesome, but my lament is that there isn't much of a way to have those emoji viewable by people on other instances without opening up avenues for abuse.

I love scholar.social, but my target audience includes others as well.

@theartguy So I've had people commenting on how much they like the :librarian_hushing: from other instances, which makes me think that it is visible on other instances as well?

Aaron :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: @theartguy

@socrates This sounds promising. Perhaps this is a change in one of the recent Masto updates? Previously I know that didn't work.

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