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Restart to update Aaron 💭 @theartguy

Listening to this week's TWiT episode. I'm up to the part where Leo laments that social networks aren't open and don't talk to each other.

... and here I am on Mastodon.


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@theartguy I listen to TWiT on the morning drive (a single episode lasts me three or four days or more). It prompted me to look at Vero. But I still like Mastodon. Not switching any time soon.

@Downes I find it surprising that in the same segment Leo dismissed Mastodon as a "Twitter clone" and the panel moved on to wish for things that Mastodon actually delivers, particularly since he has an (abandoned) account on here, but to each his own.

@theartguy Yes, they were a bit dismissive. There is a 'twitter clone' skin for Masto but it's much more than a twitter clone.