I was so excited for those...

The 11" Pinebook, an SBC-based laptop ($89) looks promising: pine64.org/?page_id=3707

It's open hardware so that may be better for deploying to low-resource environments since it makes DIY maintenance far more accessible. IDK if the OLPC was open hardware but the article does mention it was made with durability in mind.

Pinebook also doesn't have manually-rechargeable batteries but someone could hack it to enable deployment of modified ones at scale.

@paanvaannd That's certainly a better price than the Pi-Top, with a better form factor to go with it.



A much better price point than the Pi-Top indeed!

The Pi-Top's color makes me think the producers wanted it to be a spiritual successor to the OLPC, at least to some extent. It seems like a unique product that could find some use in tech-oriented schools to foster creativity, but not for mass deployment across low-resource environments.

@paanvaannd I have one in black, to be honest. It and its desktop counterpart are marketed towards schools, and I imagine the bright green color makes it less likely to walk away.

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