Open Source 2D Animation 

In stolen moments I've been working on understanding how to do animation in Krita. The current program we use for animation is Frames, by a company called Tech4Learning.

I love Frames, but as a $50 program I have trouble encouraging my students to use it outside of class. If what you teach is limited to the classroom, it's not as useful to the students.

But Krita works, and as someone who learned how to animate using paper and a camera, I appreciate the formatting.

School Event 

8th Grade Promotion (don't call it a graduation...) starts soonish.

This group of students was in Kindergarten when our K-8 school was founded.

I expect to cry.

Should I be concerned when my sub writes this on the board but leaves no other notes?

selfie, tuxedo, sister's wedding 

Not sure if I clean up well, but I apparently have trouble being serious when I dress seriously.

Film Festival Field Trip 

Current Progress: 1st place in Under A Minute Challenge for Middle School

Nostalgia Tech 

Aw yeah, with 128MB of storage, an extension cable, and an included LANYARD, this is a sure fire way to replace those bulky Zip Disks I've been using!

Either I'm doing this right or I'm bricking my new (to me) laptop, and I won't know which until it's done.


Voting is open for the 2018 PGCPS Film Festival!

Everyone can vote, even people outside of PGCPS!

YOU can vote once per day per category until April 11th! Show these kids how awesome they are!

Current stage of grief: Denial.

First time I've ever been told not to go to work because of wind strength alone.

Raspberry Pi Update:

Had to edit a config file using the terminal but it's now on the school's WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi.

Browser choice is limited to Chromium, which school Gmail says is no longer supported. Attempts to install Firefox, Iceweasel, and even Chrome have all failed, in part because the files needed are no longer there.

Managed to apt-get Arduino, though, so I'm not completely hopeless at installing additional software...

Today I had my students pick what would be on the rubric for this week's video assignment. It was messy, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

YouTube made some changes. Turns out policing the little guy doesn't scale well.

This may be a good business decision on Google's part, but I predict an increase in Twitch streamers for gaming content.

For non-gaming content... is there a place for them?

Facebook video is worse. meta 

While it was my wife's idea to call our cat "Socket" for short, his full name is Socrates, named for an ill-fated cat mentioned in a play called The Rhinoceros.

(Source: )

So every time I see @socrates in my timeline talking about instance stuff, my brain mixes the two of them up for a second.

Two evening Winter Concerts at school this week have left me at a state of fatigue that coffee is not fixing, but today I get to teach animation to 1st grade and light painting to 4th, so there's that.

My supervisor and her supervisor are coming to watch me teach today, but it's only an informal observation so I should be fine, right?

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