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Aaron Smith 📷 @[email protected]

Chrome, that is not scholar.social. I am not quite sure why you think it is. scholar.social/media/3ys57NUKt

YouTube, this is not Hurricane news. What are you doing? Go home. scholar.social/media/lHr0p9Qp4

Well, on the bright side, my family no longer has to put up with me telling stories about how my cat is dying from breast cancer.

Goodbye, Binx. I wish I could have done more for you.

Say what you will about large corporate entities, Gmail's spam algorithm is top notch.

(For the record I pay for YouTube Red and love it... just not on the account shown.) scholar.social/media/yvM28d4Oe

Birds love the feeder I put out for them so much that they go to it even if I'm just a few feet away. If I get my camera out, though, they fly off. This is the best shot I can get that isn't through a window.

aaronbsmith.com/photos/2017/06 scholar.social/media/VI-nUDHF1

OK, I think I have IFTTT set up so that any time I post a link on Mastodon it ends up on Twitter. scholar.social/media/8uq0Pr8iB

As I am designing lessons for next year's curriculum, I am reminded of this thing that I say often during testing season.

If you can use the internet to cheat on my test, it's my fault for making a low quality test.


Click on the gear when viewing an assignment in Google Classroom to export scores to Google Sheets or a .csv file.


Stop the presses, Google Sites accepts animated GIF images.

This news is great and terrible. I feel tempted to use this knowledge for evil more than for good.


Redid my website this evening, because it was darned ugly and full of "mystery meat" navigation.


Still not 100% happy with it, but I'm tired and it works, now. scholar.social/media/KkX8prt-F

Some teachers show movies on the last day.
Some teachers send their kids to the gym to run around and socialize.

I teach light painting.

Highlight of the week: The guest speaker at our 8th grade promotion ceremony was a former student of mine, Bertram "BJ" Watson.

He was one of my first Media Arts majors ever. It is thrilling to see him doing so well.


On the other hand, I think I just figured out the lesson I want to do on the last two days of school. It's something that allows me to break down my lab before class so I don't have to do everything in two hours.

(Due to snow days, the last day for students is the last day for teachers. We have 2 hour early dismissals to give us time to clean our rooms. Hard to do that in 2 hours when you have to break down a computer lab.)


That feeling when you join a scholar themed instance and one of your first toots uses the wrong "too" in a sentence.

I should finish my coffee before engaging on social media. scholar.social/media/PYhQ9NtdO