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@donovan The rubric is for a video where they reflect on the work they did for their entry into this year's Film Festival, so I suspect a lot of the B-roll I see this time around wasn't B-roll when I first saw it.

@afterthehyphen I can relate. It defaults when I press "s" and this gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Today I had my students pick what would be on the rubric for this week's video assignment. It was messy, but I'm cautiously optimistic. scholar.social/media/E46tosEPu

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Hey everyone, remember to CW your political posts please!

Okay, if you ever feel bad about having screwed up your programming, ask any programmer you really respect what their last bug was, and I guarantee it'll be a null check or an equals check accidentally flipped to not-equals. The more experienced you are in this business, the dumber the bugs seem to get.

Toots not being searchable was actively requested as an anti-harassment tool.

Full-text search allows bad actors to search on words representing viewpoints they don't like (for example, "Quran" or "abortion") and attack the people using them.

I mention this to provide context, not as a defense of the idea.

Me: I need some actual human contact. I'm going out to eat.
Also Me: I will go by myself and spend the entire time making use of the restaurant's free wi-fi.

So during my all day training today I interrupted my supervisor by programming my Arduino to play the Imperial March from Star Wars at max volume and promptly not figuring out how to turn it off.

Afterwards several other teachers did the same thing, so ... I'm a trend setter?

@bgcarlisle Followed directions, acceleration required to reach 0.9 c before deadline turned evaluator into a compressed liquid.

Replacement evaluator extended all deadlines by one month as they acclimate to their new position. Thank you for your assistance.

@bgcarlisle Followed directions, returned centuries after the deadline. Please advise.

All day training today. Gonna play with Arduinos and programming!

@platypus My elective class is only seeing me one day per week with these snow days. That is not enough time.

The childhood joy of having a snow day declared is tempered with the very adult understanding that we don't have this many snow days built into our calendar and there WILL be a reckoning.

@theartguy I suppose I'm particularly annoyed because on YouTube I feel I can support independent video creators ...

But if the only way to make it on YouTube is to have already made it on YouTube, how is it that much different than Netflix, Amazon Prime, or network TV?

When you think you're continuing a thread of thoughts but instead reply using your other Mastodon account...

A significant number of my students who audition into my Media Arts program have told me they want to be YouTubers.

I've encouraged this, as up until now I believed it was an achievable goal.

Time to step up teaching them about podcasting.