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@Downes @bgcarlisle The point is, some people are here trying to avoid politics. Others only have so many spoons to deal with it per day.

CWs allow the viewer to decide if they're ready to deal with more of it or if they need to scroll past.

That shouldn't be the writer's call to make.

@teioh It's because everybody knows that the bird is the word.

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LB: Since Mastodon lets you add content warnings in replies, you can use them EVEN IF the original toot didn't have them.

Just because you have enough spoons for the convo does not mean that everyone else does.

Hi everyone!

Add content warnings to your politics!

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@teioh Same here. Now I only plug my phone in while driving. That gives it enough of a charge to last the rest of the day.

(Granted, I have a long commute, but still...)

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@pautasso There's a lot of variables in there that prevent a definitive answer.

I personally would try to improve it even if it had not been rejected.

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A boy, no more than five, jumped in front of me at the grocery store.

He'd wandered from his mother. Not far enough to be out of sight, but far enough to make her uncomfortable.
The child pointed at me, yelling STOP!
I froze, hands up, a look of terror on my face.
His mother was furious at his actions. I could only smile as I walked away.

At times I feel like I have so little control. More so this time of year.

It was good to let someone else feel powerful, if only for a moment.