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Aaron :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: @theartguy@scholar.social

Winter break, then back for Tuesday/Wednesday, then Thurs/Fri snow days and the weekend, leave me struggling to get into a "No, you DO actually go to school tomorrow!" mindset.

... which means it will certainly be the same for most/all of my students.

Stages of Mastodon:

1. Toots about Mastodon vs. Twitter
2. Toots about Mastodon etiquette
3. Toots about finding people on other Mastodon instances
4. Toots about moving to other Mastodon instances
5. Meaningful conversations with awesome people.
6. Laments about not ditching Twitter OR going dark to return to Twitter
7. Leaving Twitter

As with the stages of grief, order may vary and repetition is possible.

May all your toots be Stage 5.

@Downes If you can, be well.

If you can't, hang in there until you can.

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@bgcarlisle What you're describing is a printout, and I'm not entirely opposed to this idea.

Car had a flat that needed patching and a "check engine" light on, but fortunately the garage I trust is within walking distance.

Of course it's also super cold outside, so during the return trip the water vapor from my exhaled breath froze into my beard.

@twsh I call it "You Can't Tell Me What To Do" Syndrome.

I unfortunately suffer from it myself more times than I'd like to admit.

@bgcarlisle My coffee is DRM free and I wouldn't have it any other way.

That sounds like a joke, but after what Keurig tried to pull it sadly is not.

Fortunately they changed their minds, but some companies bet on customers having nowhere else to go.

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It's worth noting that libraries are the last of the commons and public spaces not currently exploited by the corporations. How long it remains that way isn't certain

Loitering is banned
Panhandlers are persecuted
Homeless are threatened

Without libraries, there aren't many spaces left for some people to merely *exist*

I have internet and school is closed tomorrow.

I will pay for this later, I'm sure.

Local ISP has a work van out front.

Bad news: They aren't scheduled to fix my internet until tomorrow.

Good news?: If what they're doing fixes an underlying issue, I might be using more than a phone to get online.

No school.
Still snowing.
Still no internet beyond phone use.
Send data packets.

@theartguy Socket has jumped into my lap for head skritches ni fewer than 3 times and I haven't been home more than 12 minutes.

He alternates between this and going into another room and meowing because he thinks he's all alone again.

Find yourself someone as happy to see you come home as my cat is to see me.


@mattamatic I did, in fact, have a long metal bar that was part of my jack! I have successfully changed a tire like a functional adult! Yay!

@mattamatic I think it says something about me that I only know what one of those is.

2 hour delay for tomorrow. I got my spare tire free but can't budge the one that's actually flat.

Oddly enough since my internet's out at home I'm spending more time on social media here than I would otherwise.