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Server upgrade and Patreon 

Many of you have generously offered to support as our server costs are going up

For the VPS tier we're on, this last upgrade brings our costs to $36/month and ~ $10/month in S3 costs for media

I set up the following Patreon page:

Please do not feel obligated to donate, especially if it would stress you financially

But if you are able, willing and happy to keep Scholar Social running, please do so! :)

Thanks everyone!

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Week before "Back to School." 

I miss video games.

Masto maintenance request for resources 

Looking for resources on tweaking Mastodon instances for better performance

I've found a few, but I want to be sure I haven't missed anything

Even if you think it's an obvious one that I must already know about, please post it (if it isn't in the thread already)

Boosts appreciated! Thanks so much friendos!!! :blobpats:

If you are on masto dot social I STRONGLY encourage you to join a smaller instance. Dot social has become way too large for its moderators to be effective, or for its users to feel there is a “culture” they belong to. Stuff like the wilw scuffle, or complaints about what’s on your feed, can be addressed more effectively by a smaller community. It make take a couple tries before you find the right fit—and that’s okay! Don’t worry about followers you’d “lose”, that’s not important here.

Two more planning days before students! 

To do:
*Set up the coffee maker I'm bringing from home today.
*Get class schedule.
*Finish 6 bulletin boards.
*Finalize syllabus with my fellow Media Arts teacher.
*Review class roster with my fellow Media Arts teacher.
*Lesson planning for 1st week. (Unit plans are thankfully done.)
*Attend all the meetings. All of them.
*Help the rest of the staff with all of their technological issues.

It's going to be an interesting year.

New School Year 

I have a partner for the first time in over a decade. This is a positive change.

My majors are getting split into two groups to be OUR majors, and the computer lab that was just sort of left for teachers to use whenever is now under our domain so we can both teach at the same time.

This means we'll have our majors divided into levels, so we can tier their lessons to a higher degree.

Hey dudes of Mastodon! Can you leave the mansplaining on those other sites and not bring it here? It's easy! When you see a post from a woman you don't know:
✔️ Be friendly or insightful. Both is better!
✔️ Assume she knows the subject, even if you think she just made an error
✔️ Ask good-faith questions about her context
✔️ "Yes! And..."
❎ Neg
❎ Give unsolicited advice
❎ Act like she knows nothing about the subject
❎ Presume she wants to (or has any responsibility to) debate you.

Mastodon Caution for New Users 

(Goes without saying, then, that I particularly enjoy the instances I'm on and trust their admin.)

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Mastodon Caution for New Users 

Reminder to find a Mastodon instance where you can trust the admin (and mods).

Admin CAN read your DMs.
Admin CAN turn off your two-factor authentication.

These abilities can be incredibly useful at times, but useful tools can still be abused tools.

Find yourself an instance where you trust the powers that be to do the right thing.

Oh, and finding a home where there's a level of deserved trust is never a bad thing.

Please consider this: you have choices all day long about how you treat people. Every interaction can be kind, or it can be cruel, and the choice you make will have an effect on people you’ll never meet. Make a choice that you’ll feel good about.

End of Summer 

Tomorrow I go back to school.

It begins.

few more #welcome tips for new users as gathered from experience: 

Also, mind the visibility settings. Your followers see your unlisted posts, so there is little need to flood the local and federated timelines with lots of public posts. :)

And URLs are a counted as no more than 23 characters, so there is no need to hide behind link shorteners. Which can obscure URL tracking and add an additional point of failure. This makes posts more (ethically) boostable.

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#welcome tips for new users as gathered from experience: 

Use CWs as subject lines to give others more freedom of choice in what they read.

Help our vision-impaired friends know what we are talking about when we post images by adding a description.

Use to make posts discoverable, if desirable.

Mastodon is about community, not celebrity.

It is perfectly fine to have more than one account, especially on different instances. Federation allows one to lessen context collapse this way.

Greetings to new friends on

We're all very happy to have you!

We do things a little differently from Twitter here, for example:

* If posting as Public it goes on the Local Timeline, so we try to keep that "on-topic", and post "off-topic" stuff as Unlisted
* We try to get in the habit of using Content Warnings
* We try to be sincere and positive, and leave the constant "outrage culture" at the door :)

Please read through our community standards

A fork of GIMP that's just GIMP with a better name when

Masto theming 

Hey is there docs on theming Masto?

Or maybe like a repository of Masto themes that others have made and don't mind sharing?

PSA for new meow and mastodon users about reports 

If you have any doubt on what the rules of the instance you're on are, check the about/more section, it should have them listed!

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