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Aaron Smith ๐Ÿ“ท @theartguy

Trimmed back @ 6 months of beard growth this morning. I'm feeling a little lightheaded.

Oddly enough, as soon as I sent that she stood up and leapt away.

I need to go and do things today, but cancer kitty is sleeping in the crook of my arm.

Send help.

Maybe if you're lamenting that you don't get to have an opinion without someone taking offense, you should rethink the morality of your opinions.

ESPECIALLY if you go to church every Sunday.

Just sayin'.

@fredmbarros This was a budget product. Calling it "plywood" would elevate its status. My attempts to shore it up have been failing due to the material not wanting to hold nails or screws very well.

Honestly, I'm shocked it lasted for so long.

Binx (my cat, who is dying from breast cancer), wanted to snuggle, so I held her until she wanted to go elsewhere.

Now in addition to the bloody shirt that I expected, I have a cramp in my arm.

Remember to stretch before holding your cat.

After careful consideration (and use of power tools), I've decided my budget end table that survived 17 years and 4 moves should be trashed as opposed to repaired.

I COULD repair it, but the energy/time required to do so would add up to more than I originally spent on it, both IRT money and initial assembly time.

Apparently spider plants can bloom. Did not expect that, especially with how bad I am at keeping plants alive. aaronbsmith.com/photos/2017/07

@noelle His performance review is likely based on how many people he can convince to not leave. I feel sorry for those employees.

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Listening to This Week in Tech Episode 622. Less than 10 minutes in and I think it's one of the best episodes I've heard, though I expect the people who need to hear it the most deleted that one. (CW: Sexism) Thank you, @leo


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Question for @bgcarlisle, @noelle, or anyone else who manages an instance: Are followbots a good thing? I occasionally get followed by accounts with profiles that say something like this...

"Hello, I am a bot following everyone to improve the view of the fediverse of my instance, thank you :)"

Is this creative federation, a way around instance silencing, or something else?

@Sargoth On the other hand, sometimes you make a friend because you have the same tastes.

@Sargoth I've also found some books to be unpalatable. A few lacked any taste at all.

But when you find the right book, it provides a feast meant to be shared with others.

@Sargoth "Books are friends, not food."
"Well, they feed your mind."
"Feed your mind, and the rest will follow."

(This conversation may or may not have happened entirely in my head.)


1. I know it's always been that way, but when you tend to see it so much more on one side of the bell curve, it takes you for a loop when you see it on the other.

2. In the conversation I was citing, pointing out that they were using appeals to emotion to refute a scientific study were rebutted with "I'm being HONEST." More than once, IIRC.

@dajbelshaw @TheWayneGibbons @daibarnes I made a Path account, but since I only intended to use it with close family & friends I ended up not using it at all. Inertia's a powerful thing.