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I am toying with my warm-up activity for some (all?) classes being "What do you want to learn today?" ... With a multiple choice list at times, perhaps. Can't teach about fidget spinners every day, after all.

My goal this year is to make my class more about my students than about the curriculum.

I'm not scrapping the curriculum, not by a long shot, but a lesson on video editing does not need to be called "Video Editing." I can cover the same skills in a lesson where students make vlogs or let's plays.

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"Somehow there's another Sharknado movie and somehow there's still science to talk about with Sharknado."


Rando: the leftists have taken over the universities!

University adjuncts: we do not even have job security

Today my sister taught me that the veterinary term for being covered in fur, eyes open, and ready to run is "precocious."

So it turns out I'm 2/3rds precocious.

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Stay tuned for my next thinkpiece, Why Millennials Are Refusing To Have Grown Up In The 70s and 80s Like Me

Choose Your Own Adventure curriculum using Twine as a game engine: experienceplay.education/

Doing laundry reminds me that nature never intended for fitted sheets to be folded.

They evolved for a very niche environment. They can survive outside of it, but it isn't optimal.


#GIMP (gimp.org/)

GIMP 2.8 is a solid photo editing and graphics program as many of you already know. The work is ongoing toward the 2.10 however, and the development release is somewhere around 2.9.4 and is already quite stable.

2.9 has support for 16bit and higher, and has the #MyPaint brushes engine integrated.

GIMP 2.8 (stable) is still actively maintained and is available for Linux/Win/OS X.

As for 2.9, nightly builds are available for windows. There are the options of an unofficial PPA out there for linux that you can use at your own risk, if you don't want to build it yourself, and flatpak packages are apparently in the works.


Ancient Scottish curse: "may your cell phone only work when you're demonstrating the problem to the repairman"

Birdsite will allow people to pay $99 subscription to have their tweets put in front of more users. Program is in beta now.


I've been telling people I follow over there to come here - where shenanigans like that horrible beta will never happen.

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So if you were wondering if 13 months after my wife's death, insurance and the hospital would have everything settled out... Show more

Casual reminder that disliking someone's actions/politics/etc. is still not a good excuse to make fun of their appearance.

Yes, even [specific person].

Criticize their actions, mock the stupid things they say, but leave their appearance off the table. Be better than that.

Well, on the bright side, my family no longer has to put up with me telling stories about how my cat is dying from breast cancer.

Goodbye, Binx. I wish I could have done more for you.