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Aaron Smith 📷 @theartguy

I am toying with my warm-up activity for some (all?) classes being "What do you want to learn today?" ... With a multiple choice list at times, perhaps. Can't teach about fidget spinners every day, after all.

My goal this year is to make my class more about my students than about the curriculum.

I'm not scrapping the curriculum, not by a long shot, but a lesson on video editing does not need to be called "Video Editing." I can cover the same skills in a lesson where students make vlogs or let's plays.

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@noelle I saw a news story saying the firing proved some of his manifesto correct because he said Google was silencing conservatives. His "If you fire me for being a toxic person you prove me right" clause is a masterful Xanatos Gambit, but only if you don't mind keeping misogynists in your workforce.

So... maybe he'll get hired by Uber now.

"Somehow there's another Sharknado movie and somehow there's still science to talk about with Sharknado."


Rando: the leftists have taken over the universities!

University adjuncts: we do not even have job security

@noelle "I spent most of the day in bed staring at the ceiling and contemplating how I have systematically distanced myself from everyone I know outside of an internet connection AS FORETOLD IN PROPHECY!"

@Sargoth The inflexibility of that metaphor makes me salty.

@Sargoth That isn't the instance you smell. @socrates just hung up a few air fresheners while doing the update.

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@noelle Given the number of misogynists in the tech industry I am wary of this method of leader selection.

@noelle I'm perfectly happy not being ready to run.

Today my sister taught me that the veterinary term for being covered in fur, eyes open, and ready to run is "precocious."

So it turns out I'm 2/3rds precocious.

@noelle We are approaching a time when that joke will also be understood by two people or fewer in the audience. For most of my work day, I'm already there.

Excuse me, I'm going to go yell at some kids that are playing on my lawn.

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