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Seeing people get excited about cool things they've made makes me happy.

It's one of the things I keep in mind when writing lessons.

Completing worksheets and tests does not give the same return for the effort.

YouTube, this is not Hurricane news. What are you doing? Go home. scholar.social/media/lHr0p9Qp4

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Will I learn something new today?

Oh, hey, lovely, my web host is getting hit by a DDoS attack, just in time for the new school year. Yay!

(This isn't too bad. At first I thought my school had ramped up their blocking policy. )

I have mentally been so ready for the school year to start, but after spending much of yesterday setting my lab back up from summer cleaning my body is telling me that perhaps I should have been more active.

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Trump has still not tweeted since he stared at the eclipse.

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Be the collection of star-forged elements you wish to see in the cosmos.

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I have heard so much recent safety talk about the solar eclipse that when I saw a picture of an eclipse on a news site I did my best to not look directly at it.

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They say that your password should be something that's personal and private to you, that nobody else would guess.

My pa had this antique sword, a war relic. It was his prized possession, but he only showed it to us, his kids. I still remember Pa's sword, but no hacker would know about it.

So I made my password "Password". Nobody else would ever guess that.

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Always look for
helpers, he said
on the small screen
in a gentle voice,
and I believed it
to be true.
I'm the one
who needs your help
when the world's upside down.
it's you.

Whelp, I am tired, grumpy, lonely, miss my wife immeasurably, and am out of coffee ice cream.

Not all of those problems are of equal importance, but I'm going to point an LCD projector at my bedroom ceiling and beam YouTube videos to it over a Chromecast while I fall asleep. That might help a little.


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Hey if we could all go back to using CWs for toots about current troubling/triggering events and not just site news and jokes, that would be swell.

I like CWs for site news and jokes, don't get me wrong, but please don't abandon their primary use.