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I'm the guy you call to your desk to help with a problem with your computer and when I get there it's working for no reason

I'm the research fairy

I have typed up and deleted multiple toots this morning. There are many stories I could tell, but they all involve other people I know.

I hesitate to take someone else's story and make it my own.

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If mastodon.social being down has you on your alt accounts consider moving permanently to lower the strain on the mothership and find a closer community for yourself

It's quite nice out here

Spooky October name has been chosen. Weep in dismay, all ye who encounter me.

My planning time was spent managing Kindergarten, and immediately following my after school program I have ... another after school program.

Bring it on.

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Me: I came here to chew gum and make recursive memes about coming here to chew gum and make recursive memes about coming here to chew gum andโ€”

Colleague: Dude too much coffee

I came here to chew gum and teach students ... and there's no gum chewing allowed in the computer lab.

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Me: I came here to chew gum and do research ... and I'm all outta gum

Colleague: Do you want some? Because I justโ€”

Me: No, it's like a meme, and okay actually yeah

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I do not regret trying nutmeg in my coffee.

I somewhat regret adding THAT MUCH nutmeg to my coffee.

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Reflecting on the sound of streaming video buffering

Teaching at a Creative Arts magnet school means open mic Fridays during lunch.

So much talent.

Asked students to write down things they learned during our latest video project.

One student answered:

"To not let my mom record early in the mourning"

That is not something technically included in my curriculum but I am glad my students are thinking of more than just what's on my rubric.

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Oh wow w84death's "You Will Type" looks like it's gonna be fun fun funn! Wish I had this when I was learning typing github.com/w84death/you-will-t

I found a new shiny thing to play with: an open source game engine called Godot: godotengine.org/

Also, the "Waiting for Godot" jokes that can be made are going to amuse me to no end.

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consider for a moment Show more

5th grade is storyboarding commercials. One girl's commercial is for a flying scooter that has been purchased by over 999 billion people so far.

... I did not cover market saturation in this lesson.

Last night a winged insect got into the apartment.

My cat jumped all around, trying to get close to it and chirping.

By "all around," I mostly mean "over me, repeatedly." I was sitting next to the only light source in the room, and you know how bugs are.

He has no idea what to do with prey once he catches it, though. For him, it's the thrill of the chase.

Or the thrill of standing on my head and shoulder for the height advantage.

My school has never had so many teachers eager to have students submit work online.

Consequently, I have never had to field so many questions about student logins not working - most from parents of students I do not have.

The logins will be fixed and the learning will continue, but it's a rough week.